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Hundreds of KU athletes, coaches, supporters stage Black Lives Matter march across campus Friday afternoon

With all do respect Keith you should do your research about black history back to slavery .Name a race of people that were denied the same rights you have churches burned homes and businesses firebombed ,peaceful protesters beaten and fire hosed just trying to vote .Think about how many blacks that died in war after war before the civil rights legislation in 1964 . They were fighting for your rights and your freedom because they didnt have any .Think about that ....youre fighting to defend a country that hated you . Black men are still getting hung in 2020 .......2020 ................Keith yes I'm black have you ever been pulled over for going 1 mile over the speed limit because i was driving a luxury vehicle that i rented for my trip ,handcuffed questioned ,taken to jail ,detained to give them time to search my rental ,when I was released was told ......well we thought you were a drug dealer......sorry have a nice day
There is so much hate in this country ...its not a democrat or republican problem it an American problem ....Hate is taught and its sickening .
All men are created equal .........but blacks have never been considered equal
therefore their lives dont matter
Thats why Blacks Lives Matter came about
This country has nothing to be proud about ......I am also part Native American
so thats hurts as well .

Keith i have never met you and never will.. but i cant and never will hate you.
Money can never replace all the senseless lives lost

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Hundreds of KU athletes, coaches, supporters stage Black Lives Matter march across campus Friday afternoon

Micheal how is this helping recruiting ? Do you feel that this is a gimmick for that purpose ?

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

If part of the investigation was the recruitment of Zion Williamson ....who said he needed money in his pocket to play at Kansas ......but chooses Duke a Nike school and goes pro and chooses Jordan Brand a Nike spinoff .......but Duke self investigates allegations and found nothing stinks to high heaven ... Preston never played .....Silvio lost a year but was cleared.......Ayton who said Kansas was the only school that really recruited him magically signs with Arizona ...not to mention Miller getting caught on tape about playing Ayton .......where was the benefit for Kansas .The landscape for college basketball will be changing ...with the G league now the OAD going away the " dash for cash " will be more evident . But what we will end up with are good players who want the college experience ....who actually want to win and proudly represent their chosen school and Im good with that .

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Former Kansas point guard Jeff Hawkins hired by Pembroke Hill

Congrats Jeff .......another limb on the coaching tree .

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Self Madness 2020: Round 2 Matchups

Matt i want to applaud you for staying engaged in the process. The world is on pause and many have checked out on the season and anything Jayhawks. Well Im still voting in Self Madeness Alot of strong teams .......I will vote again tomorrow . Thanks again Matt

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Self Madness 2020: Round 1 Matchups

again..............all those talented teams...........................1 national championship
The bracket is great but its more frustrating many more WE should have earned.
Great work Matt

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Future Jayhawk Bryce Thompson named Oklahoma's Gatorade Player of the Year

start the countdown clock for 2020-2021 season .........

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Introducing 'Self Madness 2020'

Rob how many of those 2000 teams were a 1 seed as well as favored to win the national championship.during that time

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Introducing 'Self Madness 2020'

Teams #3,4,5,6,7,8, national championships .....none ......Not saying it was
coaching .......but no national championships .........NONE

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Kansas fans disappointed for themselves, KU seniors on gloomy Friday in Lawrence

Here is a carrot if the NCAA grants the seniors another year would Dok come back We have a loaded roster .....but oddly enough Dok has never played in the post season . I would not have any issue with him coming back .......but thats wishful thinking

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