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Former Jayhawk Dedric Lawson represents KU's best chance at extending NBA draft streak to 10 consecutive years

Dean Wade has been a better long-range shooter, and some teams may see him as a better fit in today's NBA than Dedric. Dedric needs the ball in his hands more to produce, and that could slow teams down more ala Carmelo-lite.

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Tom Keegan: It just might pay for Kansas coach Bill Self to think bigger than ever

People don't seem to understand how critical speed, agility and athleticism are at the 3rd guard spot (the "3 position"). It's the reason why Perry wasn't a three and Dedrick won't be a three. It would slow down the movement of the offense and defense. It would be a net negative. You have to look past just listed height and straight-up shooting skills. It's about gameflow for the team as a whole.

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How, and why, Albany guard Joe Cremo became one of the hottest targets in college basketball

Dedric isn't quick enough to be a KU 3 (think Vick, Rush, etc.), you don't want him on the wing full-time. He would slow down the offense. He's 6'9" 230 lbs (Robinson sized), he's protypical college 4-man who averaged a double-double at Memphis. And I bet you that's his NBA position as well, not that it matters. The best place to play him is where he plays best, and that's as a 4/5.

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Tom Keegan: Solution to free-throw woes lies down under for Udoka Azubuike

Joe, as Tom pointed out in the article, underhanded free throws are easy to learn and do not counteract overhanded shooting. It's radically different so it doesn't "unlearn" the overhanded muscle-memory. It's just a new skill on the side. It works because it is a smoother motion that can easily be controlled by two hands, and it's not guarded. Free throw shooting is not the time to practice your jump shot, it is the time to capitalize on free points. Underhanded shooting has achieved this objective for those who have tried it, Udoka might as well try it.

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Tom Keegan: Taking transfers has its advantages

If a player transfers he must sit out a year. He cannot be activated sooner and then burn a year of eligibility.

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Brad Underwood's Pokes on fire

Huggy just creepin' in the background...

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The Jayhawks' one-two punch: Mason, Graham bring ‘assassin mentality’ to team

or "pit bulls", they're a lovely type of dog that caught a bad rap...

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Tom Keegan: Udoka Azubuike never has seen a dunk he does not like

The thing that prevents that from being a concern is the flexibility on this roster for guys to move up a position. So you have Lucas starting at the 5, Udoka backing him up, then Coleby (if he's healthy). Then if you still have a shortage with all those guys out (unlikely), move 6'11" Bragg up to the 5, with Lightfoot, Jackson, or even Svi at the 4 for spurts. Honestly I believe that's probably in the top 5 this year for college frontcourt depth. And I think Lightfoot's more capable than fans realize. He's not huge, but he looks to have 25+ pounds on Kevin Young, for all the comparisons between the two. He'll probably play sparingly, but I think he's still a viable option as a backup 4.

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Tom Keegan: Biggest X factor for Kansas basketball is biggest player

Robert Brock I agree. As much as I'd love to see him play 20-25 minutes a night, this is Bill Self we're talking about. He's returning the starting center from last year, so like most freshman bigs at KU Udoka will be pretty limited in minutes.

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