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Did Ellis, Selden help or hurt their NBA stock in 2016 NCAA Tourney?

Ellis is good for a second rounder. Selden I think dosen't have that Buddy Heild type senior year in him. I think if he comes back were pretty much going to get the same type of performance he had this year. But with the new NBA rule these kids can go in and decided wether or not if there ready. I like that they have the option to return back to school. I think this rule should have been in effect a long time ago. We see kids leave early and time and time again we see kids fail to play at the professinal level. I wish Perry and Wayne all the luck at the next level. I hope they are both successful in making a nice living for there famlies and what they truly love to do, play basketball.

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Morris twins detail their disappointment with how things turned out in Phoenix

Markieff just needs to keep his mouth shut and realize that professional sports is a business. It's not about family, it's all about money and championships. Markieff should thank the good Lord for the money he makes in the NBA and quit crying because he's no longer beside his brother Marcus. Markieff needs to grow up and realize you can't always be beside your loved ones. The NBA makes the decisions, either play for the millons or get out!

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An appreciation of all things Landen Lucas

I agree Austin he puts the ball on the floor way to much especailly when he's right under the basket. I'm not taking anything away from his performance last night that was Awesome! It would be nice if he played like that more consistanly. If Landen plays like he did last night Saturady that may be are ticket to victory. I'm not counting on Wayne Selden. Other than that Kentucky game Wayne just doesn't have that Buddy Hield killer instinct.

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Did Bill Self overreact to Brannen Greene's dunk vs. K-State?

Was Brannen Greene's dunk disrespectful sure it was. But at that time I don't think he realized what he just did til the aftermath. Yes he's been there long enough to know better and I'm sure it won't happen again! If i'm Bill Self that dunk doesn't bother me so much as the way his team is playing right now. Coach Self has hell of alot bigger fish to fry than worry about a game ending dunk. This team has no chemistry what so ever, they look dead to the water. There's was absolutely nobody showing any emotions last night and your playing your in State rival. KU'S Big 12 run will definitley come to an end. These kids show no heart and I agree Rick Meyer there has not been any scrappy play at all. March Maddness is definitely wide open to any team this year. If these kids don't get it to gether it will most likely be an early out. Sad especially with a bench full of talent.

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Tom Keegan: Money doesn’t make up for losses

I agree Doug Bill Self is a Hell of a coach. But yes he needs to get Mickeson some more playing time and get him ready for the tournament. I really believe for the first time in Bill Selfs coaching career at Kansas he has let the veterans decide on who should be on the floor. There has been some complaining about players being tired when really you have whole bench full of talent. Bill for some reason just don't trust his underclassmen. To be honest I haven't seen where the veterans are in control for 40 minutes either. If i had big talented kids on my bench I would run a big match up zone and make the other team try and shoot three's over these big kids. But Bill is stubborn about playing man to man while these kids don't cover the perimeter very well. To me we just seem really slow this year in our man to man defense. Changes in conference play, I agree Doug there won't be no changes. Will just have to watch them play it out and see what happens.

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Brannen Greene suspended, won't travel to Maui

If he's just trying to play basketball. Obviously there are more important things going on in Brannen's extra curricular activity outside of basketball. Wether it's being late to practice, bad atttitude or those flavored cigars. Whatever it is he sure not thinking about his team mates or playing for one of the most prestgious programs in america. EITHER YOUR DEDICATED OR YOUR NOT AND RIGHT NOW HE'S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Diallo attorney concerned over alleged NCAA tweet

Come on really people. Diallo committed to the University of Kansas back in April. The NCAA should have already had this taken care of before fall classes even started. Not only is Diallo trying to become eligible now racism has come into play. This is only going to delay the process futher. We all know by now the NCAA likes to throw there power around when it comes to College athletes. But if the NCAA backs down because of someones TWEET who might be involved with the NCAA. So be it! Get the kid on the floor and lets play basketball.

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Bill Self: Lawyers fighting hard for Cheick Diallo's eligibility

This is penny annie for the NCAA to keep this young man off the floor. If NCAA hasn't found anything by now let Diallo play basketball. Now that attorneys are involved the NCAA has the ball in there court. They can keep this tied in court for several months. If it wasn't for College Athletics the NCAA commitee wouldn't be making those high paying salaries and drawing millions of dollars off Collegiate Athletics. The NCAA needs to focus on North Carolina's bougus class room that's been going on now for 28yrs. There worried about Chieck Diallo?

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Self: College hoops world can’t help but talk about Diallo

I really think the NCAA has a problem with Bill Self. Everytime Bill gets a big name recruit the NCAA steps in tries to shut it down. Matter of fact if Diallo committed to Duke Or Kentucky would this even be an issue. I mean really how long does it take to see what classes the kid took from grade school until now. I'm starting to believe that the NCAA commitee are the less intelligent ones. Obviously Diallo is a bright young man who can speak 3 diffrent languages and his ACT scores were good enough for him to enroll at the University Of Kansas. If the NCAA decides to let Diallo play, you can rest asure it won't be until January.

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Report: Morris twins under investigation for role in alleged assault

We don't need to rewrite anything, there is to many laws as it is.

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