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Guarding Graham no easy task for Seton Hall or anyone else who has tried it

Let's just hope they have much trouble guarding Devonte' as we're likely to have guarding Delgado.

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Seton Hall brings 'best rebounder in college basketball' into 2nd-round matchup with Kansas

THIS ... IS ... A ... VERY ... SCARY ... TEAM

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Tom Keegan: Azubuike makes small progress in return vs. Penn

Very scary, and eerily reminiscent of the Joel Embiid situation. If Dok can't play well on Saturday, we're in serious trouble.

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Jayhawks eyeing relaxed but aggressive approach to NCAA Tournament

I love that Self admits he's let pressure affect his thinking in the past. It's yet another mark of how great a coach he is that he's willing to face his issues (and open up about them) and work on them.

I think last year's loss to Oregon was affected by KU pressing, but I think the loss the year before was just a tough loss to a great Villanova team. I think in general KU has been most affected by pressure in the tournament when they've been facing a big underdog and the underdog has been keeping it close or dominating early. We've certainly seen that a lot over the years. So in at least that way I'd be less worried about MSU or Duke than I would be about, say, New Mexico State or URI. We've all seen those upsets way too many times.

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Penn preparing for its second matchup with a No. 1 seed this season

Better Nova than a litany of other possibilities: UK, UNC, Duke, MSU, UCLA, etc. Of course I wouldn't want Nova to do it either; if someone other than KU wins it, let's hope it's at least someone who's won fewer than 3. I'm tired of seeing all these other teams catch and surpass KU in the "titles" department.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas up to challenge of playing in toughest region

I've learned the hard way over the years not to get overly excited if one of the powerhouses loses (VCU, anyone?). On the other hand, all the upsets certainly helped KU in '88. So I'll still root against MSU and Duke, but if KU does end up playing one of the "lesser" teams in the Elite 8 I'll be nervous about a KU letdown.

Let's face it, I'll be nervous as hell no matter WHO KU plays. That's both the great thing and the terrible thing about KU being in it every year: every game has the potential to be another devastating loss.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas up to challenge of playing in toughest region

I've had that issue come up (so to speak() a few times, but it was usually fine when I got out of the site and then back in.

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Jayhawks move past shorthanded Wildcats to reach Big 12 title game

Are you sure the championship game will be on ESPN and not on ESPN2? Or maybe TruTV?

I just have to publicly thank ESPN and its family of companies for screwing me (and no doubt countless others) today by listing the game as being on ESPN2. As a result, I got a recording of the Virginia-Clemson game. Thanks, ESPN!!!

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Tom Keegan: No Udoka, no problem for a day for Kansas

"Azubuike’s practice injury, which amounted to a punch in the gut at a rough time to take one ..."

Actually, I would argue that (assuming the injury is minor) it was a pretty GOOD time for it to happen.

If it had happened a couple of weeks ago, KU might not have won the conference. And of course if it happened next week, it would be the worst timing of all. The only time that would have been better than now would have been the non-conference season.

On another note, it's interesting that you didn't mention the two clutch charges that Mitch took, given that there's another article on this site about him taking them.

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