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Postseason seeding may be harder to trust than ever this year

I would argue that conference tournaments are ALWAYS afterthoughts. Of course because of them, some teams are able to get into the Madness that wouldn't otherwise have made it. But that also means that some tournament-worthy teams don't make it because other teams got hot for three or four games.

As with the ridiculous conference championships in football, the conference tournaments are played for one reason and one reason only: to make money.

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Reports: Les Miles accused of sexual harassment while at LSU; reached settlement with an LSU student

WTF are you talking about?????????

You don't think that it's relevant news to find out that the current KU football coach has been accused of sexual harassment in the past?????

It's not clickbait at all!

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A closer look at Marcus Garrett's mid-February masterpiece vs. Texas Tech

I can't even imagine where this team would be without Marcus. Matt, what do you think the chances are that he'll use the NCAA exception and come back for another year?

That being said, Self's comment about Marcus being underrated defensively is a little ridiculous, given that he's the defending national defensive player of the year. Although to give Self the benefit of the doubt, maybe he's referring to Marcus being underrated by the general public, as opposed to being underrated by the press and other coaches.

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Total Team Win: Jayhawks put together complete game in 67-61 win over No. 15 Texas Tech

Thanks so much, guys! I really appreciate it.

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David McCormack's hot start, big day earn top spot after 67-61 win over Texas Tech

I fully expect Bryce to make some huge plays in the tournament, a la Cole Aldrich against UNC.

It's amazing how good Mitch is at drawing charges, especially given how few minutes he plays.

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Total Team Win: Jayhawks put together complete game in 67-61 win over No. 15 Texas Tech

So many impressive things about this win, but what stood out the most to me was the offensive rebounding -- especially from Braun and Wilson.

I would argue that Agbaji didn't "struggle" from the outside, as 3 for 8 is 37.5%. It was slightly below average, but that's not the same thing as struggling.

I feel pretty confident going into the UT game, and how sweet would that revenge be after the embarrassment at Allen?

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KU women's basketball coach sees 'focus, fight and balance' from Jayhawks

That's funny that he sees that. What I see is one loss after another, year after year after year (after year). When will we have a decent women's team??? Is it too much to ask???

I remember the glory days of Lynette Woodard, when we could be proud of not only our men's team but our women's team.

It is WAY past time that a change is made at the top of this morose program.

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How phantom losses & adjusted winning percentage could (but probably won't) determine the Big 12 champ

Thanks Matt. If your last scenario did come true and KU was somehow crowned the conference champion, do you think there's a Jayhawk fan on the planet who would consider that a real title? I sure as hell hope that doesn't happen, because I can't imagine anything that would be more tainted.

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KU football's new OC inheriting offense without clearcut No. 1 QB

A little of that may be on the receiving end, and certainly Daniels bore some responsibility for his poor completion percentage, but I would argue that the terrible OL play was by FAR the main reason for that percentage.

As Dale said, you can't really judge either Daniels or Kendrick until you see what they can do with at least a DECENT offensive line. The line doesn't have to be great, but being able to provide at least basic pass protection would be a nice start ...

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Defensive tweaks starting to pay dividends for 23rd-ranked Jayhawks

As you mentioned, Matt, the (lack of) quality of the opponents had some impact on the improved defense, and the horrendously bad shooting of KSU did as well.

I think the defense is somewhat improved, but we won't really know how much it's improved until after the next few games.

OTOH, if they can play this kind of great defense against TT, Texas and Baylor, I'll be convinced that they have at least Sweet 16 potential.

Either way, it should be interesting to see.

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