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'Group of Five' countdown, No. 1: Jason Candle, Toledo

Another reason he may want to come to KU is that it's pretty much a no-lose situation. If he doesn't do well, people will say, "Well, it's KU, what do you expect?" But if he succeeds, the sky will be the limit for other job possibilities.

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New Big 12 coordinator of officials discusses rule changes

I totally agree, Tim; I think that's a really stupid rule and they're just asking for trouble.

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David Beaty 'absolutely not' concerned about KU's current 2-player 2019 recruiting class

I love his explanation of how firing the athletic director who hired him has actually helped his recruiting. He obviously went to the Trumpian school of truth-telling.

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Chris Harris Jr., Todd Reesing, Larry Brown to join KU football's Ring of Honor

"... as well as a crucial member of the program’s first Orange Bowl team a half-century ago ..."

That's EXTREMELY shoddy reporting, Benton. Anyone with the barest knowledge of KU history knows that KU's first Orange Bowl team was in the 1940's, not the 1960's.

That aside, congrats to three players who are getting well-deserved honors.

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Tom Keegan: A report card on Jeff Long's past football hires

Okay now that's funny ...

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Tom Keegan: A report card on Jeff Long's past football hires

Aaron, I guess great minds think alike, LOL.

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Tom Keegan: A report card on Jeff Long's past football hires

Who says we DIDN'T through a boatload of money at Long??? The money KU will be paying Long will make him one of the highest-paid ADs in the country.

That being said, I'm not positive or negative about the hire at the moment. It's for me to get too excited about anything these days when it comes to KU football, so I'm taking a wait-and-see attitude.

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KU receivers expecting more out of Kerr 'The Blur' Johnson this fall

Now if only there was someone who could consistently get him the ball ...

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The 5 most intriguing aspects of Lagerald Vick's return to Kansas

"During his first three years in the program, Vick’s outside shot improved each season. He made just eight 3-pointers — in limited minutes — as a freshman, 34 as a sophomore and 59 triples in 158 attempts for a 2017-18 mark of .373 and a career clip of .378.

"The athletic wing from Memphis has taken and made plenty of big time 3-pointers during his days as a Jayhawk and should benefit from the lack of pure shooters on this roster."

I have a couple of problems with these paragraphs:

1. If someone shoots .373 for a season and ends up with a career mark of .378, that means that season was NOT an improvement. Just because he made more doesn't mean he had a better year from 3-point range. In fact, that's one of big pet peeves, people saying things like: "He had 100 hits last year, which was a big improvement over the 60 he had the year before." (Never mind that he had twice as many at bats so his average was lower.)

2. I don't think having a lack of pure shooters will necessarily be a benefit for Lagerald at all. In fact, I would say it's likely to be a hindrance because there won't be enough other good shooters to draw the attention away from him. To take an extreme example (which might not apply here but we'll see), If you have only one decent three-pointer shooter on a team then opponents can always make him a primary perimeter focus and it will be hard for him to get good looks from outside.

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