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Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

We had a decisive schematic advantage...RCJH!

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6-foot-10 Arkansas transfer Hunter Mickelson picks KU

The former Jonesboro Westside High standout averaged 7.0 points a game over the first 22 games with five double-digit scoring outputs last seasoin

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McDonald's All-American Wayne Selden next up for KU hoops

HEM- I can't believe I'm reading this post from someone who considers themselves to be such an avid jayhawk fan. That's an extremely harsh assessment of Traylor after his red-shirt freshman campaign. I do not post much, but I do read every article as well as 90% of the commentary on this website. Up until now, I have respected your insights and observations, but I cannot disagree with you more. Obviously you’re entitled to your own opinions, as I am entitled to mine. I saw enough potential in Withey after his first year at KU to be quietly optimistic about his future in a Kansas uniform. Last I checked, that turned out pretty well for us. Traylor showed me no reason not to also be quietly optimistic about his future at Kansas. Is he an immediate impact player next year…probably not barring injuries. BUT, Traylor has potential, enough so that I will be looking forward to seeing how he develops and progresses this offseason. At the end of the day, Self see's something in him and that is all that matters. If you want a team comprised solely of one and down, immediate impact players, go root for the Wildcats. I hear they got a bunch of them coming in next season.

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Opinion: Ben McLemore inspired by Paul Pierce, LeBron James

I don't know much about Pierce's "bad rap." To my knowledge, he was in the running, and probably would have won rookie of the year had he not be stabbed 11 times in a night-club. Surprisingly, he was only out for a month, was an all-star selection,and earned the nickname "the truth."

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A clean sweep: Tyshawn Taylor talks it up after KU victory

Maybe I have my crimson and rose colored glasses on, but when the play was shown in slow-motion, the ksu guy guarding TT's momentum was already flowing away from TT. It looked he lost his balance and was trying to reach out and grab TT to steady himself. To me, it looked worse than it really was b/c of how fast the sequence of events took place. I really can't say that I disagree with the no-call.

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FINAL: KU hangs on for 59-53 victory over Kansas State

Don't forget EJ's 5th at the end of the game, dude was clearly still sliding to get under him after EJ was in the air making the jump-pass. This was a sloppy game, but its how the game is going to be ref'd in the tourny if we get some BigEast officials. I take the road experience, a W in the win column, and move on.

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FINAL: Missouri scores game's final 11 points, rallies for 74-71 win over KU

MU was playing at home, so of course the calls are going to go their way. We had this game won with 2:30-3min to go in the game. Complacency at its finest. Its unbelievable when you think about, if we would have just milked the shot clock down to 5-10 sec and let TT drive to the basket every offensive possession, we would have won this game easily. Hopefully there are some learning/teaching points here- things that will make us a better team in march. I just hate seeing Mizzou win given the circumstances-makes me sick.

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FINAL: Travis Releford scores career-high 28 points in KU's 72-61 win over Oklahoma

I have to disagree about Missouri. I think they will be a challenger in the big 12 and for anyone they play in the post season, but to think they will be a major player is misguided. Has anyone looked at their roster lately? They have 8 players. Their starting rotation is very good, but shouldn't be feared. Their starters measured out at 6'8," 6'6," 6'3," 6'2," and 5'10." They have 6'9," 6'5,"and 6'1" coming off the bench and that is it. Plus, if your tallest player is coming of the bench on a roster this short (both in height and players), what does that say about said player? This team is dangerous for one reason and its that they are not comprised of underclassman-lots of seniors and juniors fill out this roster. But to me, this is nothing more than a better version of the Marquette team a few year back when no one on the team was taller than 6'6." IF Missouri is making shots and staying out of foul trouble, they can probably play with the bottom half of the top25 all day, but a team that can match up with them at the 1-3 spot and has depth at the C/F position is going to out muscle them in the glass and on the boards, which is going to severely handicap their ability to be competitive. The rebounding differential between KSU and MU favored KSU 36-22. I think they have a good team that shouldn't be taken lightly because they lack depth and are undersized, but stats don't lie.

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