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Jayhawks' pressure defense overwhelms Hornets

Does anyone know of an archive site to watch the replay of ESU game?

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KU's Jamari Traylor sees wait, work rewarded with start vs. Emporia State

I was watching for a while until games started not showing. Now-a-days use Wait for big blue boxed "X" to show in upperleft corner, travel the cursor over it, then close the tiny little "x" in the bottomleft corner to clear screen of ads. They have the esu v ku game already listed so let's hope they find a good stream. RCJH!

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Huskies impressed by Kansas

Silly mistakes. We're gettin a bit too loose. Nice to know that our well-timed substitutions provide high-quality depth to our interchangeable bench. Again, it is of my contention that the coming together of this, our unit, is of our ultimate goal. yes, we want them to develop as players, but to win games, we must act as one. Throughout this match with Washington, there have been several significant signs that this becoming unit is indeed growing together. Sherron, Sherron, Sherron. Bud, keep on keepin' on. As the undercover brother in Chi-town, i'm lettin ya know, Big 10 country is having a WHOLE lotta interest in Big 12 because of you. They're proud of you, and you too Mario. All knows whats gonna happen when u come back, and we're all very excited. The City says thank you, men.

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Huskies impressed by Kansas

Is anyone else seeing the potential with this team? Yes, we have our youthful flaws. Yes, we're young and have the enticing mal-taught practice of thriving on spring-like adrenaline. And yes again, we are young, both as a team and as athletes. Now let's quit that bewildering be-railment, and stuff that under the rug. We're actually doing something here.This team has an incredible future ahead of it. There are multiple offensive and defensive weapons available, whom only seem to acquire more honed skills by the day. This team, at this time, is starting to show signs of becoming a unit, something within this collegiate atmosphere within which to reckon. Morningstar to Reed for a quick, fastbreak lay-up (that went in). The crowd blankets Aldrich in the loving warmth of a family proud of their kin. You're family, brother, and the love is warm.

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Huskies impressed by Kansas

alright so not-so-much blocking out as i had assumed, yet their defense is intense, in-your-face, constant pressure-stylee. Does anyone else truly grasp what Taylor will bring to this team? And as Collins' wingman, this Maverick has unlimited potential (thank the good for the highest-quality coaching staff, and the relentless practice and preaching the players so smartly adhere to, trust m'man, y'all doin that right thing). ahem, half time

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Huskies impressed by Kansas

i think some need to remember not only how well Aldrich played, but also how well some of our boys seem to have already adapted to potent coaching. Taylor is already showing control. They opened with great free throw shooting off fouls incurred driving the lane. There appeared to be greater focus on rebounding on both ends, as well as properly-instructed blocking-out underneath. And let's face it, the refs were quick to call many a-charging fouls early(seemingly, to test their metal, well . . .). This was a good test for us people. (oh yeah, i'm halfway through the first half, snicker)

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