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Frank Mason III agrees to two-way contract with Milwaukee

Matt, the NBA Two-Way contracts are updated every year. For the forthcoming season, the G-League portion of the salary is $79,568. The player is given a prorated portion of the minimum salary for his YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. There are 177 paid days in the NBA season, and for Mason, he has 2 years of experience, which means the minimum salary is $1,620,564.

So each day is worth $9,155.73. For the full 45 days he would earn $412,007 or so.

Plus...days in training camp do not count against he 45 days on the roster. A 2-way player may earn up to an additional $50,000 in training camp. In short......Mason's deal could be worth somewhere around a half-million dollars this year if he goes to training camp and spends the maximum amount of days on the NBA roster.

I'd link all the sources, but it takes three or four links to get all this info together. Easier just to google and not clutter the message board.

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Former KU All-American Thomas Robinson eyeing another shot in the NBA

He's kind of a tweener by the traditional NBA definition, due to size, but the league has gotten away from traditional size standards. But it doesn't help him--if you're a 6'9" PF or center now, that's fine, but you're expected to have handles, pass and shoot like a traditional 2 or 3 man.

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After heavy freshman feel in 2018-19, Kansas basketball likely moving back toward a veteran lineup

It's interesting you already have Garrett penciled in to start. I'd say he's got a leg up right now to be the third of three starting guards, but based on skill set, I think he's the most likely to be bumped out. You really need a shooter in there. Ochai is probably better than the 30% he shot from three. Dotson is serviceable, but he's primarily looking to make plays rather than spot up.

Garrett is going to struggle from distance. One of the strengths of having Udoka in there is he will force help--you have to double him or else he's going to get 15 dunks a game. Somebody is going to be open on the perimeter. You want that to be someone who can hit the shot, and Garrett is the least likely candidate to do that consistently.

We'll see--maybe Bill is thinking the obvious rebounding advantage we'll have with the two big look will be good enough to get us more second shot opportunities than we've ever had before, and so he values Garrett's defensive expertise over someone who will shoot it better?

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The 3 biggest benefits of Udoka Azubuike's decision to return to Kansas basketball

Well, nobody's going to go undefeated. You hope the bad days come at the right time. He didn't play in that Auburn game, but there's no way the lead swells to what it was if he's there, because KU would have had at least one guy to throw it to that could put it in the bucket.

As for Villanova....if we lose again in the Final Four, it'll have been a nice year.

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The 3 biggest benefits of Udoka Azubuike's decision to return to Kansas basketball

He's just the one guy that no one else can match. Teams could take Lawson out of the game for long stretches with length, or quickness or whatever. You can neutralize shooting by limiting outside looks, if that's what you want to do. There just isn't a thing in the world you can do to take Dok out of the game without dedicating more than one resource to it. He is the country's biggest game changer. He will be bigger, stronger, longer and more explosive than your best big, and if you don't want him to dunk on you 15 times, you have to prepare to defend Kansas like you defend no one else, and hope he only dunks on you 5 or 6 times. He takes you out of your game, which really makes him the perfect Bill Self player. He's said it many times--his teams are at their best when they make the other team play poorly, and you cannot be at your best if you have to prepare for something you won't see from anyone else.

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Dotson's monster effort tops ratings, leads Kansas to road win at TCU

I don't think it's a knock on Charlie by any means to say the obvious thing.....he was, by far, the worst player on the floor this game. There are 8 guys, somebody has to be the worst. Charlie was the worst.

Didn't mean he didn't contribute in a couple meaningful ways....he did. But the other guys all contributed a little more.

My knock on Charlie is he doesn't seem to understand his role. When he's in there, he thinks he's the go-to scorer/play maker. He should never be trying to make the kind of play he traveled on coming across the paint--not his game. He needs to be a guy who embraces being a role player. Live for the defensive side of the game. Look for your shot only when it's open, don't force it. He's a good passer--he can make a living off of that. Bill pulled him once for refusing to feed the post. That can't happen. You're a point guard on this team. Pass the ball.

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Report: KU officials to ask NCAA to reinstate sophomore forward Silvio De Sousa immediately

I have to think that KU and the NCAA have discussed the penalties before KU agrees to declare Silvio ineligible. As much as we would like to think this is about getting Silvio eligible to play now, it's hard to believe the school would pursue this course if it thought last year's Final Four run could be forfeited. From the program's perspective, having Silvio eligible to play this year is not as important as keeping last year in tact. If they don't have assurances on what the penalty will be, then they simply should not play along. The penalty has to be negotiated--KU admits the violation in exchange for an acceptable penalty.

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Self on Tuesday's "Hawk Talk:" Freshman guard Ochai Agbaji will play Wednesday vs. TCU

I'm happy for the young man to be able to play now. Red shirts aren't what they used to be--very few players coming into Kansas think they're going to have a 4-5 year stay anymore, even ones thought of as late bloomers, like Ochai was. So it wasn't really about "We think he'll be better in year 5 than he will be in year 4." Giving him a red shirt was all about shortening the roster--there were more players who could play than there were spots in the rotation. Taking one out for the year helps make the decisions easier.

Not so anymore. Bill was down to 9 scholarship players available. That's not a lot, and frankly, he hasn't liked what he's seen out of most of his guards. I don't think he feels like the 4-guard look is going to play very well--not anything close to what it was when we had 4 excellent shooters last year. This is all about trying to find something new and hope it works.

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Once an LSU grad assistant, Mike Ekeler hired to coach KU football special teams

This is one of the things Long identified as a deficiency, all the "non coaching" coaches. Everyone can have 10 official assistants on the field. But the big time programs have at least another "analyst" or "quality control" coach for every one of the official coaching jobs.

Some of our old assistants have contracts that we probably can't afford to just payout with no return. Analyst or quality control jobs might be places they can work. They have incentive to do a good job--they are auditioning for their next positions.

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Matt Tait: MacVittie commitment KU football's first step to continuity at the QB position

I understand, Dirk. But KU is still lopsided, class-wise. As the roster stands, there are going to be 28 scholarship seniors next year, and only 14 juniors, and only 11 sophomores. I feel like we're going to need to take a few JUCOs the next few years just to get more players with some age on them. We're projecting right now, if no one leaves, to have 65 scholarship players on the 2020 team with 40 of those as true freshmen and sophomores. 25 upperclassmen is not enough to play with.

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