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KU football adds 4 offensive linemen to 2018 roster

Adding Juniors or Seniors doesn't take away from scholarships that Beaty or any coach can offer 2019 high school seniors

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KU coach Bill Self talks about his options for the Jayhawks' 13th scholarship for 2018-19

Don't think in half seasons. Because Basketball doesn't count half seasons. You play one game in the season, that counts for one season. A player has five years to play four seasons. Withey played 0 seasons for 'Zona and 4 seasons for Kansas. But he signed an LOI which required him to sit out two semesters before he played for Kansas. SDS who didn't even arrive at Kansas until January played a one season out of 4 in the NCAA's view.

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KU announces a few non-conference match-ups for 2017-18 season

Do you think there is any chance of playing MethZoo with Porter Jr., Tilmon and maybe Knox? Not sure Kansas has any say in the match-up. Will enjoy beating UK for the third straight year.

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Landen Lucas, meet Landon and Lucas

Frank and Mason would have worked too.

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Notebook: Jayhawks stay focused through off-the-court issues

So it seems that Kansas broke the Guinness World Record for silencing the loudest indoor crowd in history. Rock Chalk.

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Tom Keegan: Don't laugh, Kansas will play in a bowl game in 2018

No one but Bill Self will decide if a new AD will be hired. Bill gets 'his guy'.

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Arizona State transfer Sam Cunliffe closing in on a decision?

I have heard the coaching staff see Garrett as more of Wing than a Point. Young and Newman would have the ball in their hands to start the offense.

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Arizona State transfer Sam Cunliffe closing in on a decision?

He would be eligible when Finals are finished for the 1st Semester, late December of 2017. He would be RS/Soph. He could play next season (after Dec) and two addition seasons after that. There are no .5 seasons in basketball.

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5-star wing Troy Brown picks Oregon over Kansas

Not only play time but where he is playing. "how they would let me play". He sees himself as a point guard in the NBA. He want to play point guard at the NCAA level. He wasn't sure that he was going to bring the ball up the court at Kansas. He went somewhere where they would adapt their style to his skills. He wasn't going to get that at Kansas. Until he knew what Devonte, Vick and Svi are going to do, Kansas was too much of a risk for him.

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