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How KU's offense moves on from Iowa State dud

General Patton fired/removed his officers who did not produce. We do not have that philosophy ay KU. Consider this: all contracts are based on production/effectiveness. If one area (offense) is ineffective then pay is deducted for ineffectiveness. Reward is achieved when positive steps are achieved. Losses result in head coach reduction in salary (same concept applies to AD). The present win.loss record would result in reduction of compensation. This would lead alll NCAA to change philosophy in compensation-

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How KU's offense moves on from Iowa State dud

Head coach and Assistant Coaches
You need to take a lesson from Kansas State. Recruit good players who are not five star, but are have a desire to play. Your approach to the year is based on the skills of your players.....not on a “game plan or approach” of what you think you should be. The history and success of our military and successful athletic programs are based on adaptation. KU is not a high powered passing team. K U has solid players. In my opinion, the Jayhawks coaching staff has not evaluated the players and then said “this is what our players do best”! Learn from the best. KState.

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No offense: Jayhawks thumped against Iowa State, 45-0

Is he Beaty
Why did both he offensive and defensive coordinators have such surprised looks on their faces after 5 minutes? Why were the Jayhawks not prepared? You are responsible when the team is not prepared.
What are you going to do to insure this does not happen again. Players play as they are coached. Our coaches have not prepared them,,,,

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Notebook: KU football closer to full strength with scholarship players

Coach B
The Jayhawks are my team. Let us play to win!!! Go for 4th down plays. No more being conservative. Let's play to have fun. Show the young players what the rewards are for taking chances. You must show future players that you are willing to take risks to win. The conservative or traditional approach has not given let us have fun,, Go Jayhawks

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To run or not to run: Where KU's offense goes from here

The easy games are gone. Open up and go for everything. Nothing conservative. Just go for the unexpected. Coach B is not going to give a bowl game,,,, go foe excitment to win,,,,

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Beaty: 'I don't believe in moral victories'

Coach B
You promised us a Bowl game this year. Winning games is a prequesite for extra games after the season has been completed. It appears a different approach is necessary for this promise. Let them play-----take chances --- go for it. There is nothing to lose😝

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Meacham stoked to get RB Martin back; QB Stanley 'not 100 percent'

This past week there has been a great deal of " what ifs and assumptions" have been expressed without specific examples. This week be specific with your observations. Look at good and not so good. Our coaches cannot read your thoughts and suggestions unless you are specific about the play in question. Our coaches should take advantage of the learning expertise on the KU campus! Ask the faculty about student learning! The KU faculty are willing to lend their expertise in learning to the coaching staff. We can have a winning season by using the expertise on the campus and implementing suggestions. Go Jayhawks.

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Kansas QB Bender needs to find 'quick answer' to avoid sacks

Bender needs his coaches to provide a fix to his problem. Last week he was very slow in selecting a receiver..... up to 5 seconds vs. TT QB in 3 s. This is a coaching problem not the QB problem. The last 2 years the KU QB was slow in selecting a receiver. The result was.... our coaches must accept responsibility...

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Notebook: Jayhawks mix up offensive line; Stanley makes appearance at QB

I suggest we have a QB but has not been taught to throw the ball within the 3 s required for the offense attempted by the coaching staff. The issue with the offense is a consensus in the coaching staff related to time given the QB. O line understanding of time requirements is key to success.

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Tom Keegan: Sheahon Zenger's seat hottest of all

We have the best looking team in the conference. We have set a new loss record. Is there a relationship.... I know the designer of the uniforms should be hired to design the playbook too!!

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