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National reaction to KU's loss to Washington somewhat mixed

Who is Gary Parish? Is he someone who controls the BB ranking? He has not impressed me with his “words of wisdom”.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger explains thinking behind retaining football coach David Beaty

Enough has been written about our concerns. We have an AD and FB coach for next year. Now is the time to place the pressure and expectations for 2018. We expect that he AD and FB coach will win more games,! How many is realistic. Three non conference and 2 (?) conference games?. If this goal is not achieved our AD and FB coach will resign with NO Compensation?

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KU football season obituary (2017) (KU Sports Hour)

The football news is so bleak that news updates on KU football provides updates on basketball, very sad for our Football Jayhawks 😩

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KU football players react to hearing David Beaty will remain head coach

Monetary support Or NO support brings change very quickly.

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Tom Keegan: Future as bleak as the present for Kansas football

Send your concerns to the KU President. That is only wat to bring change:

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David Beaty talks about pregame antics, chippiness between KU and OU

The football team is a reflection of the coaching staff, nothing but lack of coaching is apparent.

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KU's offense once again falls flat in loss to Oklahoma

“We just didn’t make plays, this is the same response for year three. Coach B go to the theater department and ask for a new line. This one has no meaning to it. I suggest no W for the game then no salary for the week, “we didn’t t make plays”. Only applies to the coaching staff. Not the players.

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KU chancellor states confidence in AD Zenger, football coach Beaty

Relax! BB season is here! The pressure is almost gone for ‘tis year😒

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Are you still watching KU football? (KU Sports Hour)

The lowest rating in NCAA history. My TV found another channel the game was so bad.

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KU football coach David Beaty 'not at all' concerned about contract or future with program

How can Coach Beaty not be concerned when the fans are not present.? Someone must pay his salary! The income from Jayhawks faithful is not paying his or coaches salary. A contract with no contingencies related to winning at least 3 games. Our AD did not give consideration to KU to agree to such terms,

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