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Who's in and who's out: KU football coaching search bracket down to 16 candidates

No for Miles. He left OSU without informing the program of his plans to move to OSU. He is close to retirement and has been out of recruiting.
Navy H C has a great resume but might have difficulty recruiting in Ks. BSU head coach would be a good fit

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Self tells Jayhawks to keep heads high after disappointing, season-ending Final Four loss

Thank you Bill. Self and 2017 Jayhawks. For great BB season! We

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Kansas football picks up late addition to 2018 recruiting class

KU media has suggested and reported that KU has a great group of football players reporting for this next season. Coach h Beatty must produce results. Our blog writers have laid isssues with the recent coaches, and I agree. It is time that KU demand winning results. Enough reflecting and blaming past coaching staff. Blaming those who are no longer part of the problem only pats your ego and does nothing to suggest improvement. Blog writers stop reflecting and begin making positive suggestions for next season.

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Tom Keegan: KU turning into Juco U in football recruiting

Many comments and no solutions to helping KU football. Our coach was selected because he could recruit in Texas . Where is the documentation of recruiting or success. These are his players, Our AD has backed him every year. This year more wins than losses.....first AD is removed and then coach. New contract for AD and Coach..".win or leave and NOT in 5 years.

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'She's not a coward': Brandon Schneider praises guard, blasts team after loss to Texas Tech

Wemen’s BB is a KU sport. More coverage is required. Readers should not have to “surf the net” to find ijnformation under the heading of KU sports for information..

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Bill Self blasts his team's lack of hunger

KU players appear to not have the desire to give the extra necessary to win. They were not prepared forTT, a team who was very prepared?

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Unselfish Jayhawks roll to 86-77 win over TCU in Big 12 home opener

Great to read KU sports now includes Jayhawks women’s sports😊

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KU women's basketball dropped in overtime at Iowa State

Where is the lady Jayhawks news under KU sports.? KU sports implies ALL sports not just the men’s basketball or football!

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KU Sports Extra: New Day, Same Threes

KU sports includes scores for women,s BB. Editors where is this Information?

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'A learning experience': Nebraska hands KU women's basketball first loss of 2017-18

KU sports involves the ladies games and scores. Not just the men. Update your offerings and include women,’s sports

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