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Following the Jayhawks to New Orleans? Check this out

Getting in Thursday night. Staying at the Renaissance (using points). Still can't forgive myself for not going in '08. Vowed to not miss another one. Anybody have advice on places to eat?

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Pay heed: Veteran Conner Teahan’s advice: Listen up

Go to, pay $4 and you can watch the game and all other games... Otherwise you should be able to get TruTV on fairly basic cable.

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FINAL: Taylor's free throws, Robinson's block give KU thrilling 87-86 OT win over Missouri

Three most memorable KU games of this century - '08 Championship Game, 2OT New Year's Day Game vs. GTech and today's unbelievable win.

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Bill Self hypes KU-MU

I certainly hope not. We don't need the wine and cheese crowd to show up for this one.

We need the students to go crazy in this game and keep up the energy throughout the game. Not saying that we must have the crowd to win, but it will definitely help.

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Elijah Johnson gives KU offensive spark against Texas A&M

I think Tharpe's confidence is shot for the year. At this point, all we can hope for is that he takes a Withey-type improvement leap over the summer.

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How former Jayhawks fared (Feb. 15)

Kieff is really starting to come on strong. The last few games he's putting up better numbers than he did at KU. Hope Marcus is going to get an opportunity to do the same sooner rather than later.

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How former Jayhawks fared (Feb. 12)

Gooden is putting some great numbers now that Bogut is out of the way. So proud of Kieff, but I can't imagine Marcus not doing as well if not better when given the opportunity.

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Former Jayhawk Jeff Graves has no plans to retire

Just wanted to let all know, KU vs. USC game is on ESPNU right now. We can all re-watch the best game Selby ever played.

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DeAndre Daniels delays decision until Thursday morning

I'm just hoping his dad is using this time to convince him that KU is the place to go.

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DeAndre Daniels delays decision until Thursday morning

I don't remember the last time I clicked "Refresh" this many times on a page in a single day...

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