Comment history's Eric Bossi discusses Andrew Wiggins and his potential impact if he commits to KU

I think we've all been disappointed one too many times with these high-prized recruits... It's been said before, while it would an amazing addition to an already great class, at this point, most of us have given up on the thought of Wiggins coming to KU...

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'Bill Self Shuffle' the latest dance craze; Bill Simmons bashes Kings for trading T-Rob

Yeah I think it's a little confusing in how it was written.... But this should only mean good things for T-Rob....

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'Bill Self Shuffle' the latest dance craze; Bill Simmons bashes Kings for trading T-Rob

Houston isn't the horrible spot, but Sacramento was... It was a terrible trade for Sacramento (where he was), but will hopefully be good for T-Rob and help out his career.

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Cameroon center Joel Embiid to play basketball at KU

Awesome news! Incredible recruiting effort by the coaching staff... As if we needed anything else to get us more excited for KU before the game tonight... Rock Chalk!

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Stress test: Bill Self says freshmen ‘have a lot to learn’

Not sure if everyone has seen this already, but pretty cool video about the upcoming Europe trip, season and other stuff:

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Georgia prep Tony Parker expected to pick UCLA

That "highlight" video showed him taking a drink out of a water bottle. Are you serious?

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Norm Roberts to join Kansas coaching staff

I think the key for Bill is getting someone who he is comfortable with and clearly there's a personal relationship there, but also Bill must treasure Norm as either a recruiter or a coach or both. Considering the other assistants that he's had over the years, I fully trust that there's significant value for the program overall in this hire and not just the personal one for Bill.

By the way, I'm going to the Bill Self Fantasy Camp this upcoming weekend! Beyond excited about this.

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NO FOOLIN’! Believe it: KU makes title game

I love you Bill Self! And I love you this team. I'm partying it up for you on Bourbon!

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What to expect from the Final Four matchup, plus predictions for Kansas-Ohio State

I think quite a bit depends on how this game will be called. If they call this game similar to the NC State game, I favor us quite a bit. We need some freedom to bang inside. However, if they start calling the ticky tack fouls they called in the UNC game, we may be in trouble. Let's go boys!

P.S. Must say being at the Final Four - AMAZING experience and the game hasn't even started yet. As evidenced by my avatar picture that was taken at 11:30PM last night!

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