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Thomas Robinson could miss two weeks: KU forward has surgery to repair torn meniscus

These injuries and difficulties will make us stronger ....But come on.. Making these freshmen tough it through these times will help build this team. Leaning on shoulders like a circle, this team leans on one another to. I hope these young men keep on making us proud ..will need it, first time in years we didnt have one on the Mickey D's all star team ??

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Adversity molds Jayhawks into team

I concur !! It takes a strong lady to be a single parent I had one. Ms. Witherspoon you and your son seem to be honest and own your actions. Something to be recognized, you will always be shown the congrats on the athletics side. Glad to see you receive credit for some of the things you have done off the court as a strong mother. There is a reason that Josh has been steadfast and strong through this awkard time in his freshmen season and I believe that has a lot to do with you. This is the Jayhawk "family" thats makes us proud. Take care!

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Funeral held for KU basketball player Thomas Robinson's mother

Oh my .... This precious child ,and Thomas who seems to be placed in a world of uncertainty.. and the Irony of JAYLA. Make what you will, but lets make sure that we, who call ourselves the "Jayhawk Nation". Realize we are the "JAYHAWK FAMILY" call us "cousins" or "brothers" but call us all to help and pray for them and realize that this relationship that we call basketball can be a rock to lean on. That is what we do and I am so proud of coach and all those who are a part of the "JAYHAWK FAMILY". Being of Hawaiian heritage this is what we call "OHANA" family. Nothing stops OHANA when they are one !! All of you who show this support make me so proud! Being from Lawrence and always learning of the meaning of OHANA and witnessing it here NOTHING STOPS A STRONG FAMILY and that we are !!!! All love Jayhawks

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Memory lane: Former KU basketball coach Ted Owens reminisces about faces, places over the years

Great post, I remember those days as well ! As a kid playing ball in Jo Jo Whites driveway in alvamar and having him teach us jumpshots. We would ride our bikes to potters lake and skateboard the hill. Coach Owens lived just a block or two off campus by what was then the Triangle fraternity and Delta Tau Delta. We would wait for him to come home and try and get the players wrist bands or anything Jayhawk. I remember getting Darnels wristband and being the "man' at sunset hill elementary. Eventually playing ball in high school with Dan the Man and watching Piper light it up for the state title I think he went 12 for 12 or something like that....
Does anyone remember Art Housey and the monster that he was, Kerry Boagni (sp) Ricky Ross, David Magley ? All great Jayhawks, Wichita state had a great team back then as well with Cliff Livingston, Antoine Carr, Othello (sp) I think we lost on a inbounds play in the tournament to WSU? Good years, great and kind coach. Lets honor his years and time as a Jayhawk on Saturday
Alohahawk, I also went to Hawaii and studied at Manoa for a couple years with a few Lawrence boys and loved it as well. The people with their aloha spirit,is as close to the kindness that you find in Kansas as anywhere in the world ..

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California love: KU guard Reed amazed by fans on road

Love the toughness !! Not the visiblity, we can get the message without the drama.. Good post from alohahawk many ties in Hawaii, ,lots of support for the hawks in paradise 5 of us left after the 88 title to be warriors. "lawrence trash" that played with Danny and Dawn and the blood runs strong!!! Stay strong if you know the game we are doing what it takes to make the magic ....... LOL means "lots of love"" for the hawk nation have a great christmas
Aloha Nui Loa

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Portland prep visiting KU

Thanks RCJ, looking for updates ...long way from home. We will keep our fingers crossed good things have come from the northwest.

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Portland prep visiting KU

Absolutely ...The desire to be "published" on a blog is staggering ...People pull up the post to see about TJ ! Not your personal dialoque to prove a point. Does any have any information about his visit ?

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Dedications to Danny Manning

Had the pleasure of knowing Danny, Dawn and the family since high school, even better people off the court. Been a long time, congrats Danny, you deserve it !! Your humility and loyalty will always be held close to our hearts !!! Rock Chalk!!!

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