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Decorated QB Jake Heaps to visit KU

Wow!, he throws it 50 yards on that play like it was one of those footballs that whistle and has a tail fin on it. I can't imagine having a quarterback like that at KU. Go Weis!

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ESPN trio a treat

Seriously guys? This is just meant to be entertaining and I think it is. Pull the pine cones out your a$$e$ and lighten up.

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Realignment Today: 3:56 p.m. - Big Day in the Big 12. League unanimously agrees to grant of rights after moving to add TCU as 10th member

You must be forgetting about inflation. If we signed a 15-20 year contract we'd be making diddly squat compared to the other leagues by the end of that contract

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Leftovers on menu for KU

Not saying that this will stop anybody, but the ACC approved an increase in penalties to any team wanting to leave the conference to $20 mil. So that has the potential to stop (or slow) losing the 2 or 3 teams you mention going to the SEC.

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Realignment Wars: Now we wait...

Matt, I've had this page up nearly all day and just keep hitting refresh every half hour or so. Thank you for the updates!!!!

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Vote for the All-Decade Team: Brandon Rush vs. Xavier Henry

If this were a MVP contest I'd be voting for Sherron, but since it's an all-star all-decade roster, I have to go with Kirk on this one.

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Recruit DeAndre Daniels remains quiet

Jaybate, that was very entertaining, yet useless lmao. I scroll through comments just to read yours

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Visit to continue voting for the All-Decade Team

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CU, NU to continue meeting

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Monster in the making: Markieff Morris no longer just ‘the other twin’

I am electing Jaybate to give the locker room speech before the rest of the tournaments games.

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