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Devon Dotson's presence eliminates concerns, raises KU's ceiling

Yeah, we need another real 3-point threat. Maybe it's one of our freshman? Like many others, it's confusing why Grimes didn't go straight into G-League or else just come back to KU and try to round himself into a proto D & 3 NBA-type wing. Seem like at least a fair amount of solid rotational NBA 2-guards tend to be guys who stuck around college for 2+ years. Danny Green Josh Hart, JJ Reddick, Marcus Smart, Gary Harris - even my man Wayne Selden at this point. He and Dotson must've hated playing together. It never worked last year obviously.

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Devon Dotson productive at combine scrimmage, while Quentin Grimes struggles

Hate Quentin Grimes as much as you want. -- He was 1 for 8 and he took the last shot to try to tie an (NBA combine) game. Onions. He's a 19 year old Evan Turner. I'm all in on Quentin Grimes, aka: 'The Algorithm.'. NBA

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Jayhawks measured at combine; Grimes and Dotson reportedly undecided on staying or returning

Maybe you're right, but there's still a lot that can change between now and draft night.. Especially with this draft class which gets super volatile from picks 18-50. I dunno, when it all shakes out -- I don't know if NBA teams are passing on Grimes physical upside (he literally just turned 19 a week ago) over say, someone like Tyler Herro or Matisse Thybulle at picks 25-30. I saw them play and they were good, not great, but really good....When they played great, they didn't stick out as better than Grimes the few times he played really solid for us....but who knows. Several years back, Avery Bradley at UT started the season as the #1 high school player in America and then had a super weird freshman season and still got drafter in rd 1 by Boston. And Grimes situation just feels similar, I dunno.

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Jayhawks measured at combine; Grimes and Dotson reportedly undecided on staying or returning

I think Grimes will stay in the 2019 draft and can sneak into the late first round with another good Combine Day today and with some future solid workouts. After pick 20 it seem like you can throw all of the college stats out the window as far as NBA scouts are concerned. After pick 20, NBA scouts are just looking for guys with solid measurables that a team can self-control, self-develop and they can see playing rotation minutes within two years. That fits Grimes situation to a tee.... I think Dotson should also stay in the 2019 draft but for different reasons. Since 2015 only one player under 6'1" standing height w/o shoes has been drafted in round 1 and that was Trae Young last year. I think Dotson would have to go nuts from 3-point range (43%+) next year at KU to guarantee himself a higher spot in the 2020 draft vs 2019 draft.

This link kinda says it all c/o how the NBA scouts one-and-done freshmen outside of the lottery....Rock Chalk. Good luck to all our guys, including L. Vick.

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KU's Dedric Lawson eager to utilize skills gained at Kansas to carve out NBA career

If Dedeic develops a solid 3-point stroke %-wise he could be some version of Robert Horry in this modern NBA. Either way he kinda reminds me of Robert Horry.

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Ankle injury forces Mykhailiuk to withdraw from rest of NBA combine

Frank Mason was impressive at combine. 41 inch vertical. Rest of measurables compared out the Kemba Walker. Day two of scrimmages the game opened up somewhat and Frank got an easy 19. Coasting half of the game - 7/10 with four layups in transition. He just needs to keep showing scouts how he can get easy buckets and I wouldn't be shocked if he got picked at # 39 to the Sixers - 80% of the league need a backup point guard that can shoot 3's -- hopefully too many teams are gonna be scared not to get him at that point, like Josh Hart.

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Self: Ankle injury not devastating for KU guard Svi Mykhailiuk

For a guy that is almost 6'8 in shoes his hand were also tiny - for some more context Svi's hands were the exact same size as Frank Mason. I think he tied for the 3rd smallest hands in the entire combine. I'm just reading what NBA scout are saying on twitter so take it all with a grain of salt. I personally like Svi but NBA seems to really care about these measurables when they draft. It's all about recovering defensively when that player is out of position and obviously the longer that player is, the easier they can recover on their man...

I wonder if Pilates is ever considered within the KU strength dept? Someone like Svi who naturally looks like his posture is slumped at his shoulders could maybe benefit from it?
If he did Pilates regularly he would probably add another inch in height and maybe even a couple inches on his wingspan just from straightening/lengthening himself out...?

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Self: Ankle injury not devastating for KU guard Svi Mykhailiuk

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk was 6-7-plus, but only measured out to have a 6-5 wingspan. That gives him the same standing reach as UK point guard Fox, who came in over four inches shorter in terms of height. Svi also measured out at over 11% body fat which is considered "fat" by NBA standards for any guard. Frank Mason came in slightly under 4.5% for some context. His shuttle times were atrocious too, likely due to the ankle injury. Overall, it was an extremely disappointing combine for Mykhailiuk.

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A look at returning Kansas basketball players

If Bragg doesn't transfer, what's the exercise NFL wide receivers do constantly? A ball machine shoots out footballs and the guys try catching it with one hand? 3 hours a day Bragg should work this drill and also watch Marcus Camby NBA tapes. Great shooter's touch potentially & he's 6'11.

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Tom Keegan: Stealth weapons have a way of resurfacing in March

"and Carlton Bragg was having one of those incompetent nights he has every now and then."
LOL. Understatement of the century. I like the kid on a personal level, but he's waaaay too physically and mentally soft to play the 4 or the 5, at least at KU. People on this site talking about him playing "out of position at the 5" just stop it...Please. He has a nice enough shooting touch between 10-18 feet and then everything else about his game is extremely marginal - he has the slowest feet on the team by far (how would he ever guard a 4?), at 6'11 he's constantly playing below the rim, ZERO 50/50 loose balls, he looks like he's playing on a pogo stick as much as he gets bumped out into the baseline of literally every rebound. Does he have more than 15 offensive rebounds for the entire season? I honestly don't think he does. I feel bad for him because he's such a disappointment thus far, but I certainly don't feel sorry for him because he doesn't play tough enough. At some point, it's not about playing out of position and gettting some bad breaks. Josh Jackson is playing out of posistion at the 4 and I don't see anyone making a bunch of excuses for him.

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