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Remy Martin named preseason Big 12 player of the year; Agbaji, McCormack also first teamers

How does a newcomer who is picked as player of the year also not get picked as newcomer of the year?

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4-star Kansas target Ernest Udeh Jr. enjoys visit to 'basketball place'

Few years back they were always walking a very fine line close to saying KU is the birthplace of the game. Haven't heard it in a while but that jumped out at me when reading this. I'm sure they don't but they also don't correct people if they make that inference! Good stuff.

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4-star Kansas target Ernest Udeh Jr. enjoys visit to 'basketball place'

Hope they're not back to telling people basketball was invented at Kansas.

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Jayhawks appreciate seeing KU football coach Lance Leipold's fiery encounters with officials

I've enjoyed that most of the time when he's gotten on officials it's been fairly technical parts of the game, small missed spots, starting play clock too quickly, a few others I can't think of off the top of my head. His sideline demeanor is fantastic.

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With Velton Gardner gone, RB Devin Neal to take on expanded role for KU football

Reid and Kane were seniors in 05 I believe.

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Jayhawks see some offensive progress, despite loss at No. 17 Coastal Carolina

Texas has proven for decades that $$ are not the main ingredient in winning football and basketball. It’s going to be fun watching them go 6-6 in football with a 250-300 million dollar athletic budget. Fans should be merciless when their teams visit the next couple years.

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Jayhawks can't keep up wtih No. 17 Chanticleers at Coastal Carolina

I agree Jim, he’s had them really for what, 5 weeks? Pretty impressive given the time they’ve had

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3 keys for KU football vs. South Dakota

Haven’t had one in a long time with such a large window of possible outcomes. All the new players, good number of veterans, coaching stafff that’s only been around 5 months or so. Really, anything could happen. Looking forward to seeing what’s under the tree!! Don’t let the rain keep you away!

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Peters sets shutout record as Kansas soccer wins second consecutive game

Awesome match yesterday. Back and forth, aggressive soccer. Go catch a game if you’ve never been, you’ll be hooked after 1 time.

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Former walk-on LB Nick Channel now on scholarship, impressing new KU football staff

Here's to this become a trend. Great stuff!

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