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Former KU football coach David Beaty suing Kansas Athletics for $3 million

Can we begin a class action suit against Beaty for the hours lost and punitive emotional damage from watching those 48 games that he coached?

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KU basketball tip: schedule Shockers

You had me until the Danny Manning talk.

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FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

Okay, I was being facetious. I just wanted to see what it was like to be one of the crazy posters for a few minutes.

Fact is, even while I am in the doldrums, there is no one I would rather be than a Jayhawk. I can't think of one school still in or currently out of the tournament I would rather be.

Great year, look forward to next!

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FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

Bill Self is the worst coach ever in the history of basketball.

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Texas Tech hires Billy Gillispie as men's basketball coach

Wow. Is this where all the perfect anal retentives go to pronounce judgement on the imperfect? I thought this was where we go to read and comment on sports, specifically the the god of our religion, Jayhawk Basketball. I've never commented here, but have been reading the articles and comments since HCBS arrived.

I read through all the idiot posts who thought he was worthless after the Killer B's. I won't comment further on those except to say, who would you rather have than HCBS?

Would you rather be Duke missing the tournament in 1995? UNC missing in 02-03? Kentucky missing in 09?

Some of you whine and complain because you don't know what goes on at other schools. The heartbreaks, the droughts, the envy when they see a Kansas uniform.

Enjoy the rides that they take us on. Ease up on those trying to start over. And for some of you, get over Larry Brown. He is a proud part of our lineage. . . even though he's not perfect like you.

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