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FINAL: KU women knocked out of Sweet 16 with 93-63 loss to top-seeded Notre Dame

Great success KU ladies! You made me happier this March after the men's disappointment in the Big Dance! You girls rock!

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KU to wear alternate adidas camo uniforms in Big 12 tournament

The short looks like a beach short. Very wired in my opinion. Top looks all right but nothing new. Like the logo of "beware of the phog" a lot though.

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Milton Doyle spoke with Self on phone before deciding to transfer

I understand. For a young man who is confident about his abilities, he just made the choice that he thought would be best for him, not sure for his development though. There is always a fine line between playing starters in a relatively less-exposed program and being patient and playing potentially 2-3 years at a power house. Which one suits Milton better? I am sure that he and Self have different opinions. That's what happened. Shame but who knows, maybe things work out for him? Maybe not. Life is about choices. I wish you luck, Milton. One thing for sure is that you will not get a better supporting fan base wherever you go. But we will remember you as a Jayhawk anyway.

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Jayhawks defeat Swiss National Team, 79-76

Is this a training gear or the new KU 3rd jersey?

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KU guard Merv Lindsay to transfer

Only 1? Thought T-Rob leaving for NBA will free an extra up.

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KU guard Merv Lindsay to transfer

I remember reading Merv being the best shooter in the current KU team. Hate to see any kid leaving, but sure he has to look out for his best interest. So does this mean we will have officially 2 schlorships available for next year?

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Georgia prep to pick Friday

How did you know? Proof?

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Georgia prep to pick Friday

Can't see Tony land in Lawrence to be honest, unless this young man want to do a Cole which means stays at scholl for multipul years and doesn't mind play behind Jeff for year 1. KU will have Jeff, Lucas and possibly Peters as centre so playing time will be very limited. Plus, don't we really need a point guard than another big? Anyway, if Tony puts his Jayhawk hat on on Friday that would be fantastic!

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Georgia Tech another tough test for Kansas

KU won: 21-20.

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