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Ellis matches Duke's Parker in Chicago

I'm in agreement that Traylor should be starting. Despite his foul trouble, I would have put him 5th in my rankings, above Embiid and Tharpe.

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Opinion: It's time to rip red shirt off QB Montell Cozart

I wish I could explain it better, but when I see Heaps take the field, I don't see him show the passion that we saw with former QB's like Riesing and even Meiers. Maybe he just does not have the confidence in his offense that a QB should have, but after every 3-and-out, the look on Heaps face seems to be "oh well, bring out our defense."

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D-Day arrives for prep standout Andrew Wiggins

My hope is he will go to KU, but my prediction is that it will be Kentucky.

I am sure I will still be disappointed if he picks anywhere but KU, but I will be less disappointed if he picks FSU. That would at least indicate that family is important to him. It would also mean that he did not fall into the trap that a large number of top 10 recruits fall into by just going with Calipari at Kentucky.

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Opinion: Guessing game — Nobody knows where prep phenom Andrew Wiggins will spend his one year in college

These days when a kid waits this long to declare and has Kentucky on his short list, it's a forgone conclusion that he'll go to UK.

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ESPN ranks Kansas basketball's Class of 2013 recruits

SI puts way too much stock in incoming players. With the exception of last year's Kentucky team, history has shown that a strong freshman class cannot compete with a team of strong upperclassmen.

I think most analysts will be disappointed with UCLA this year. If most of the recruits stay another season, then they will be a strong team next year.

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FSU would benefit Big 12

I can't say a lot for Rutgers, but from a football recruiting standpoint, FSU is a great addition. Outside of Texas, Florida traditionally has the best high school football recruits (because of the great high school football programs there). Having FSU in the conference would be an enticement to those recruits who like the idea of playing in their home state every other year.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook: Spring recruiting begins today

I've heard Mohammad and Parker are rumored to go to UCLA. I think Howland is making some outrageous promises to these kids about playing time because he is desperate to keep his job at UCLA.

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NC State's strengths, weaknesses and players to watch

I disagree.

This is a sudden-death situation. If you lose, you are done. Why hold anything back if it means the difference between going home and surviving to fight another day?

I think both coaches will exhaust whatever resources they have to win this game. Once it is over, the victor will spend the next day and a half to lick its wounds and figure out then how to fight the next battle.

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Reports: Big 12, ESPN near $1.3 billion TV deal

From a football standpoint, it would make sense that the Big 12 would reach out to Florida State or Miami. Florida traditionally has the best HS football prospects outside of Texas. This would give us a foothold in both states (which is what the SEC has now that it has added Texas A&M).

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KU women make NCAA Tournament as 11 seed, will face sixth-seeded Nebraska in first round Sunday

It's too bad that they aren't playing in Detroit, then we could say the men's team is playing Detroit in Nebraska, while the women's team is playing Nebraska in Detroit!

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