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Coaching Search 2011: Day 6, 9:09 p.m. - Can KU still snag Fedora? Plus more on Sumlin, Fedora's similarities to Bill Self and other interesting nuggets

Venables should have had a head coaching job years ago. Something is wrong with that guy. I would remain far away from him.

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Josh Selby missed his shot

I think you guys are missing one HUGE aspect. Forget production, athleticism, hype, etc. Selby has all of that, but what he lacks is mental toughness. In the league you need mental toughness or you will crack under the pressure. Selby wont be able to "out athlete" players in the league and we saw this year what adversity will do to the young man. When things didn't go the kids way he pouted and quit on the team. The kid will get one maybe two years to show a change in his maturity and mental toughness. If he can't change the kid will be playing in Europe or out of basketball altogether.

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook: Markieff Morris steps up

Please remember this is a YEARLY occurence with this kid and sometimes more than once a year (multiple twitter/facebook posts, football team incident, buying the car from Pollard, now this?) . Taylor cannot stay out of trouble. The other players you mentioned had an issue ONE time. That's it. They seemed to have learned their lesson whereas Taylor just cant seem to comprhend how to be an effective teammate and representative of one of the greatest basketball institutions in the country. Oh and let me also add the fact that the kid never looks like he gives the team max effort, especially on defense. Taylor changed after he saw the small amount of success he had as a freshman and people were talking all that "1st round draft pick" nonsense.

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Gary Bedore's KU hoops notebook: Elijah Johnson denies transfer rumors might be the fool sir. Petro asked Gotlieb on his show Tuesday afternoon that Petro's "sources in Vegas were saying that EJ would transfer to UNLV next season." He asked Gotlieb if "he had heard any truth to these rumors or is it just wishful Vegas thinking?" Gotlieb said he hadn't heard anything like that and that was the end of it. How in the world do you take a legitimate question to a guest of the show and turn it around as a "statement of fact"? Obviously you didn't listen to the show, since "No Jayhawk fan should listen to 810", so you are speaking on grounds of ignorance and therefore, by definition, that would make you the fool. If you haven't figured it out 610 is amateur hour. You may listen to them b/c they are the "official radio station of the Jayhawks" but any self respecting, knowledgeable sports fan couldn't stomach that station. Regardless of 810's bias towards KU they are still light years ahead of that bush league station 610. Oh and Nick Wright is a complete hack and an embarrassment to the Syracuse school of journalism.

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Taylor’s Facebook account deleted

Yea your right waywardJay he doesn't start fights. He "never gets outta character...he's always a G about it".

The KU Football Team

Come on most people would learn from their mistakes, but this kid just can't learn from his. He keeps running is mouth to the media and the "social media". He just doesn't get it. Hey Tyshawn just in case you missed it, which obviously you did, your not a star!!! Let's face it...Tyshawn chose to come away from his Under 19 USA team experience/success with a negative message. Instead of using it to make himself a better player and learn from his experience he chose to view it as "I'm a star now". Somehow Tyshawn believes this is HIS team. Yeah your right Tyshawn this should be YOUR team after all the two preseason all americans and the highest rated recruit KU has ever had are garbage and your money. Help this kid find a new home cause he just isn't Jayhawk material.

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Kaun enjoys life in Russia

We've listened to the liberals spout off about the past 8 years left and right, but now the conservatives are SUPPOSE to be quiet? Why? Equality..huh? Boy, you folks need to actually start practicing what you preach! I do agree with one thing you liberal loons said and that's politics should remain in the political/news forums not here in the sports forum.

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Recruits won’t work miracles

Does this guy really watch the game of basketball anymore or does he just write about what he use to watch? This guy is so out of touch it is unbelievable. Mr. Mayer, I'm sure at one time you were a fine journalist but I think the times and certainly the game has passed you by. Do you even watch the rest of college basketball or do you only watch Kansas? In order for Kansas to truely be a title contender next season they need a third scoring option. I'm not sure I see another consistent scoring option on this team. KU is VERY talented, but the Hawks are lacking a third option and Stephenson or Henry can give them that third option they so badly need. Henry is the ideal fit b/c of his perimeter game (KU NEEDS a sniper BADLY!!!) but Stephenson wants to be here more and he seems like a guy who could stick around longer than one year. Let's get "Born Ready" and set our sights on 2009-10 season. Rock Chalk baby!!!!!

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Henry UK visit April 25-26

Bring on Lance. I am sick of this already. The Henry's aren't coming let's move on to some who DOES want to be here, "Born Ready". Besides I see Lance as a "potential" 2 year player as opposed to henry who is a for sure OAD!!!! Let's role the dice on Lance!

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Henry brothers in no hurry

Don't forrget UK already has a dynamic scorer in SG Jodie Meeks. Henry would be required to switch positions which could be enough of a deterent to make him say no to UK. I still say go ahead and give the scolly to Lance and tell him he is OUR guy. Xavier is a better fit, but we can't gamble on this one or we could be left out in the cold. We need another scorer to help Cole and Sherron (assuming they come back) and Stephenson could be that guy. Take the sure thing.

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Kansas NCAA Q&A

I prefer the baby e*trade commercials. I really like the "shankasaurus" (golf) one. That is hilarious!

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