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Nonconference, season-finale kickoff times announced for KU football's 2018 schedule

I assume this espn subscription service is something you have to pay for and is not available on television but on other platforms. If so, how do that fit under the definition of telecast?

1. a television broadcast.

You don't see them trying to pull this with any KU basketball games.

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Kickoff times, broadcast plans set for four KU football games this fall

I thought all games were to be broadcast on TV. "Broadcast" does not equate to "online". And I also thought only one football game and six basketball games were to be on the lousy Spectrum (formerly TWC/Metrosports) deal but here are two.

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Tom Keegan: Stealth weapons have a way of resurfacing in March

Yes, totally agree. Bragg plays much better against tall skinny fast power forwards (similar to himself). He doesn't do well against bulky centers. Against Purdue and their bigs I really hope Self plays Coleby first off the bench and not Bragg.

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Kansas freshman Kelly Oubre Jr. decides to enter NBA Draft

In the last two seasons, for most of the season, 40% of our starters have been OADs. It's been quite obvious to me that playing together just a few months makes it very difficult to develop a team. Because of the emphasis on the OAD's playing time, other kids haven't had a chance to develop again as a team. Hopefully they won't all pull a Frankamp and bolt after one season. In years past we've had NBA players who have stayed two, three, even four years, playing together as a TEAM. If Wiggins had stayed this year, if Embid hadn't been hurt and/or stayed and recovered, what could have team might we have been? Look at Frank Mason, there's a heck of lot of experience to be gained between one year and two. Look at 1988 and where we would have been without four year NBA future player, Danny Manning? Not with a championship banner hanging from our rafters.

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Mykhailiuk to arrive at KU in September, Self says Sunday at Ice Bucket Challenge

I was thinking the same thing!

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Opinion: Light fuse, get away: Ten KU athletes who will pack wallop

you only have to answer one poll in a 24 hour period (though you have to answer one here even if you've answered one on which I find extremely annoying. I haven't even read any of them, just click on a random answer. What they really want you to do is post the articles to Facebook, twitter or google plus; the polls are meaningless. Since I use none of those, I'll have to keep answering the stupid polls if I want any local news.

Oh, and World Company? Don't bother emailing me again trying to explain your reasoning. I don't care. I despise how every site these days tries to connect us together without an opt out. If I could get rid of those 'post to FB, twitter and Google +' symbols on every website, I'd jump for joy.

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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

This is very confusing. I live in Lawrence, have WOW and get espn3, but does this mean that six basketball games will ONLY be available on espn3? Or will they still be televised in Lawrence? Reading the comments have just made me more confused.

My dad will go ballistic if he can't get every single basketball game on his television (as we have done so in this town/county for well over a decade). He lives eight miles outside of town, has WOW for internet and Win 7 computers and CANNOT stream video because the speed is so poor (and that's the best option for internet he can get).

There are still people who just watch tv. I guess they're dinosaurs.

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Please give anthem the respect it deserves

While I've never been a fan of our anthem as it's all about war--America The Beautiful would be a much better choice--I would never condone anyone changing the words! I wasn't aware this was being done. How appalling. Good for Coach Self for speaking out on this. Hopefully it will come to a quick end.

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KU's Self not fretting over Missouri's decision to leave Big 12 for SEC

For me the basketball rivalry was much more of a big deal when Stewart was coach. Since then, for one, Missouri hasn't been anywhere near the kind of team they were under him (in both dirty play and higher quality play), and secondly the coaches since haven't been as easy to despise. Yes, their Antlers are still nasty, but playing bball against them just hasn't been as much of a deal.

Now I will miss the football rivalry, but without Fambrough it's already diminished. It would be great for a completely new KU team to show up in a few weeks and stomp on the Tigers at Arrowhead one last time, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Realignment Today: 1:37 p.m. - Big 12 announces West Virginia as newest member; Self, Zenger and Gray-Little welcome Mountaineers

Yeah, I commented about that above. I'm guessing the poster who suggested it was a deal to take Louisville off the table is probably correct on that. I'd rather have had Louisville because at least they're closer to the midwest. At least we'll remain at 10 once Misery finally decides to get off its butt and do something.

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