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Former Jayhawk Chris Harris' huge performance on Monday Night Football

I know the article is about Harris and how great he was....but I might mention another Jayhawk, a Mr. Darrell Stuckey played some snaps for the other team as well! Recorded 3 tackles, 2 solo. I love seeing those Hawks in the NFL!

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Mizzou fan antics don’t rile Robinson

Gottlieb supports the hell out of KU and the Big 12. If he says anything negative, it's probably true. I love KU as much as anyone, but this isn't the year to get all excited about winning a national championship.

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True or false: Tyshawn Taylor is having the worst turnover season of his career

This is exactly what I was going to type! I would say his maturity level has risen, even if it has been ever so marginally!

However I will be the first to admit....this year's bball team would not be where it is without TT. I think he's having a great year. RCJH!

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KU’s biggest gains tough to judge

I can't even count the number of times I'd be watching KU on ESPN when Knight would talk about Morningstar being one of his favorite basketball players. I can't give you a link to a quote, but I know it to be true. Spoke of him being a "glue" guy that did all the little things you need to do, to win.

More to the point this is a dumb arguement. Not everyone can lead the team in scoring, blocks, rebounds, assists. But Brady did everything right. Very few tournovers, great entry passes to the Morris', and scored when called upon.

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Weis announces dismissal of 10 Jayhawks from KU football program beat me to it!

I don't know....Mecham graduated, Berglund and Webb both leaving. Here's to putting all of your eggs in one basket.

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Brittney Griner voted to All-America

Someone please tell me why we care about Brittney "is a man" Griner!

Please and Thank you,

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Kansas basketball walk-on Christian Garrett settling in

Assuming the doctor received his education at KU med, there shouldn't be a problem! Congrats.

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Signing Day coverage highlighted by live chat with OL Phil Ford

odd....little over a year ago I went to the wheel and woke up on a train!

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Baylor women's basketball star Brittney Griner recalls Lew Alcindor

1. Yes I read it
2. Idk how I looked past that paragraph (maybe cause Keegan usually bores me)
3. I'm not taking advice from an outline poster named "buttsauce"

Also Griner makes me no way, shape, or form would I ever make the comparison to Kareem.

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Baylor women's basketball star Brittney Griner recalls Lew Alcindor

Thanks...I watched the Blunt punch again (youtube) and I think his dismissal had a lot to do with how he reacted afterward as well.

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