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FINAL: Xavier Henry scores 14 in debut as KU defeats FHSU, 107-68

Our 5 boys in Dress could beat most teams in the nation.

were good real good

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Kansas guard relishes ’Frisco

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His time to lead

Bechard, Kleinmann, Buford, reed, morningstar, releford, little, collins, taylor, marcus, markeff, appleton, teahan, thomas, juenemann, aldrich, withey.
Good work.
Now lets kick some flyer assssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

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kuwillkillit's 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket

anybody elses scores mixed in the school name

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Broken nose won’t keep Aldrich out

BleedCandB- I would have to agree with you here. I used to like to read game day articles, mostly for everyone's comments. However it seems like after they changed the website it has gone stagnant. No real stories from Keegan and CO, therefore no insightful comments by posters. Two out of Five articles are MBB, one about a nose, and Garys normal drivel. Dont get me wrong i like the other sports topics too, but on BB saturday i expext to see more than the bear minnimum of two pieces of flare as opposed to mabey four. Its too bad i find my self going to more and more these days. I like this site and everyones insight somebody needs go get on these Guys butts or i can see the fan base moving on. Ok off to the bar Rock Chalk!

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

Remember when everyone was saying," if reed and morningstar are still playing in january were screwed". Analizing and worring so deeply into this season is silly, its like a rocking chair it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere. I think the seasons going great and i for one think this team is going to go far come tourney time. And even a big XII title is not out of arms reach. Anyway does anyone know what happend to the Women of KU calender i cant find one anywhere.

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Little to play against Kansas State, will not red-shirt this season

Anyone in Larryville gonna stream this game for us out of towners.Thanks in advance

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Appleton feeling more comfortable

Hate to say it but i think we lose. Realistically were not ready for the Vols nor will we be ready for MSU. I hope im wrong and we bring the 155 mm howitzer, to Jaybates so called gun fight. Hell they might bring a spoon to a fork fight who knows. Tyshawn better bring the bacon or were F'ed.

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KU football future looks bright

Thanks rockchalk never saw that article. He sounds like a good guy and likes what KU has to offer. 6' 2 sounds huge for a RB, alot to grab onto. Sounds more linebackerish to me but ill leave that to Mangino and Co.

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Appleton feeling more comfortable

I thought i heard in an interview with HCBS that Little was going to play this week. Or was that Siena? Anyway it would be great just to see him play anytime any place, as a Jayhawk of course.

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