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Defensive struggles a real concern for third-ranked Kansas

Also said Mykhailiuk: "I'm concerned about defense. We have to start playing great defense at home. That will translate to good defense on the road, where we well have to steal some wins this year to win the conference. As you know, we may have an off night offensively, but defense travels."

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Keegan: Versatile, intense Josh Jackson makes it tough for upset-minded foes

For example, check the headline of the Portland win at Oregon State last night. Portland was a 6 point favorite. Not an upset.

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Battery charge dropped against KU basketball player Carlton Bragg Jr.; accuser charged based on video

Dude is about to be a multi millionaire. He should really start aiming for 9s & 10s.

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Tom Keegan: Another milestone on deck, burnout still nowhere in sight for Bill Self

If I remember correctly, Self replaced Calipari who went to Pittsburgh.

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Tom Keegan: Can Kansas stop Grayson Allen, Duke's top Devil?

I'm guessing my beloved hawks stumble tonight against Tripson Allen who records the rarest of triple doubles: 12 kicks, 10 bites, and 11 groin punches.

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Memphis loss puts backing of many KU football fans on life support

Wait, KU still has a football team?

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Tom Keegan: Football heading south under Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger

This just in. Zengers goons have given Keegs a serious limp. Next article to be titled "Ouch, My Knee Hurts. Keegan Heading North For and New Identity"

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Game of drones: KU football adds new technology to video preparation

The foorball schedule is still under review by the big xii

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Game of drones: KU football adds new technology to video preparation

This article would have been so much more fun to comment on during the Mangino or Weis eras where the drones use as ferry between the practice field and Wing Stop or McDonald's could have been reported. And then the subsequent follow up into the drones improper use could have won the LJW numerous awards for investigative reporting. Then they could have afforded to keep Gary Bedore on tap (see what I did there?) and the course of history would have been changed forever.

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Tom Keegan: Flyover country no more for college volleyball

In a semi-related matter, I really enjoyed watching the volleyball during the Olympics. Some of the games were just fantastic!

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