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Four-star forward KJ Adams picks Kansas

Well, I was going to do a top 10 list of things that would be more of a FU to the NCAA, but i think this is tops since we've already had stripper poles, money guns, and gold Adidas chains. Kid seems to fit right in with the current model. I just hope there is a season upcoming to forfeit.

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New Kansas AD no stranger to working with big-time college basketball

Well, and respond to those eligibility inquiries, the underage rape / drug paraphernalia situation the secure athlete dorm,, the random car sitting on the side of the road, and that little ol FBI situation that the news world is apparently waiting for a slow news day to unleash more documents.

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Danny Manning perfectly equipped to aid Bill Self, Team USA at FIBA Americas U18 Championship

Wake Forest head coach Danny Manning, second from left...

Possibly the dumbest caption in the history of captions. You mean like the only person not dressed like a player in the photo.

Great clarification

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KU basketball target Romeo Langford to make college choice known tonight

How much does Adidas have on this? And do they not have goons? Nike and Under Armour must to keep a lid on their own antics.

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Unfriendly Affair: Despite inspired start, Jayhawks can't keep up with No. 3 Oklahoma

Quick question. Let's just say you're the worst team in college football. Would you intentionally piss off the potential Heisman Trophy winner before the game even starts? Knowing your only hope is that they are flat and asleep? Why the hell would they do that.

Absolutely the dumbest strategy. This team is going backwards. So glad yet another embarrassing season is almost over.

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Kansas coach Bill Self: 'Our team got better'


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Defensive struggles a real concern for third-ranked Kansas

Also said Mykhailiuk: "I'm concerned about defense. We have to start playing great defense at home. That will translate to good defense on the road, where we well have to steal some wins this year to win the conference. As you know, we may have an off night offensively, but defense travels."

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Keegan: Versatile, intense Josh Jackson makes it tough for upset-minded foes

For example, check the headline of the Portland win at Oregon State last night. Portland was a 6 point favorite. Not an upset.

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