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ESPN analysts Dick Vitale, Seth Greenberg reveal national-title picks

Couldn't agree more Pius. No reason getting worked up over Vital or being upset that tv announcers don't pick the Jayhawks. Here are my thoughts six weeks out of March.

Top 5 teams:
UNC Chapel Hill,

Big XII programs that will over-preform:

Craziest team:

Top teams going into the tournament:
UNC Chapel Hill

Biggest disappointment in March:
UCLA or Baylor

Dark horse in March:

National Champion:
(Love our guards, poise, experience, ....)

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Eudora’s Ballock commits to Creighton over KU, others

Congratulations Mitchell!!! You get to do what most players dream of and that is get a full ride playing basketball and you had a ton of offers. I hope you enjoy your career up the road in Creighton.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas football recruiting will take some time

What about the kicker from Oregon? Is he a part of this team?

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Tarik Black fitting in with Lakers

Glad he ended his collegiate career at Kansas. Just imagine if he would've spent his entire college basketball career as a Jayhawk. I do miss his leadership, passion, and strength. All the best Tarik.

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Notebook: Self hopes Jayhawks can meet Obama

You just couldn't keep that to yourself. Go back to the Koch brothers bro.

This is an awesome opportunity for the University and basketball players to meet the sitting president and a true example of the American dream.

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Column: Cliff Alexander doesn't expect anything handed to him

Cliff is a future pro. He'll always punch a clock and put in his work. Totally what I love about a guy from the Midwest. This will payoff for him sooner than later. All the best Alexander.

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KU guards against student-athlete fraud

This needs to be a concern at the high school level as well. Our primary concern should be to educate our future.

I'm glad that Kansas is doing its due diligence to make sure the college experience is equally an academic one. Great piece Tom. Nice insight Joe. Keep the job up Paul.

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College hoops world reacts to Temple thrashing KU

Here is what is not being talked about. Kansas is down a very important piece in the back court. Our players come from all parts and they played this game, at Temple, right before leaving for their first break and we are young.

The obvious. When you have more turnovers than assists, can't win on the boards and have poor shot selection...the wheels come off. This is still a work in progress and no one besides Frank is stepping up. Frank can facilitate the ball, hit the three and a mid-range, but he shouldn't be expected to do all of that and drive the lane.

The front court has got to get an edge and produce a leader. Everyone needs to be willing to play hard nose defense and hit the deck when necessary. Stop giving HCBS reasons to change the lineup because of a lack of effort in practice or not showing up to tutoring. Ridiculous.

This is a simple fix, but it has to be a fix the players want and buy into. You come to Kansas to be groomed for the NBA, accept the process. Merry Christmas Jayhawk nation.

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Column: David Beaty brings energy, work ethic to KU football

I can't believe we tied the official introduction of the new head football coach to a basketball story. WTF is going on? Why is there no audio of what HCDB said and only quotes, while there are two audio clips from the basketball game? This is an effing joke.

That said. I am okay with the hire of DB and will support him and his staff. Hopefully he does have enough energy to get the program turned around and bring excitement back to football. Welcome home HCDB!

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Column: Wiggins’ future turns murky

I'm with Rodney, Joe and Andy on this. Matt, this is not your typical article. One based "what if's," and drama is more Keegan's style. That being said, I think that Wiggins is safe in Cleveland. The CEO/President of the Cleveland Cavaliers showed up to watch him play. You only do that to reassure a player and let them know their position with the team is safe.

Wiggins will adapt over time to the NBA and become very special. LJ will help this process and Wiggins will find his niche. Should be exciting. He had a great game last night, not a bad start to a bright future.

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