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KU women bask in tournament’s sweet glow

Rock chalk Jayhawk! Really proud of this team! Play well on Saturday!

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Carolyn Davis to miss rest of season with dislocated knee, torn ACL

What is this, elementary school? Everyone should play? Thats what early season games are for....not the BIG 12! You play your best. Coaching staffs work to improve everyone's skill set in practice and where possible game settings. But you ALWAYS put your best on the floor. Whoever gives u the best chance to win is who u play!
Moody played 69 of 80 minutes last week for Iowa State....Why? Because she gives that team the BEST chance to win! Look at the Big 10....Ohio State, ranked 9th this week is 22-3. Prahalis and Hill play 36 and 37 minutes a game! Why? Gives them the best chance to win! Believe me, I watch "other programs". Really not trying to be argumentative. KU needs to focus on everyone elevating their games...its that simple.

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Carolyn Davis to miss rest of season with dislocated knee, torn ACL

They do? Really? The starters play 38 min a game? Not. Angel is the only KU player in the top 10 in the conf for minutes played. Angel does avg 36 min per game, i think we all know why. Lets not create drama....Carolyn didn't injure her knee because she plays too much. She had contact with a player and landed oddly.....thats it. No further analysis needed.

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Carolyn Davis to miss rest of season with dislocated knee, torn ACL

Best wishes for a full recovery! We won't say speedy, because she doesn't need that. She needs to heal and something tells me she'll be back next year stronger than ever...Look at Angel....been through this twice! The team will have to play the cards they have been dealt. Need everyone to elevate their game now to fill that void. They can do it.

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KU women lose Davis to injury, fall to K-State, 47-43

Thinking GOOD thoughts about Carolyn, although that looked like a troublesome landing on that leg. Thanks for the hustle and effort girls! Played hard and came close to beating KSU with out the services of a dominant player in the nation! Stay together and play tough!!! DON'T listen to the idiots who want to make the usual idiotic comments about your coach and the balance of the season. Stay together!

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Good with the bad

So where did your girlfriend end up playing? You didn't say....perhaps she just wasn't Div one material?

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Marian noticeably absent

I think HowMuchRice hit it right on the head! I mean no disrespect to Marian and the contributions she made during her long tenure at KU, but the game progressed beyond her abilities to coach....again, no disrespect. That final team was totally out of control! Marian established NO discipline with those players on the court or off. If you recall, one of the first things Coach Henrickson had to do was separate several of the Marian recruits/players from the team....oh sure, in the media, it appeared that there was some mutual decision for some players to go their separate way, but make no mistake about it, Coach Henrickson had to come in and put her foot down on some of those players. It was time for a it what you will, "Lew forcing her out", or the health was time.

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