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State lawmaker says Kansas unlikely to pass law allowing college athletes to profit through endorsements

I don't agree with Mr. Ward and in fact I roll my eyes at the statement today's college athletes are being harmed by the NCAA, no one is forcing these students to play college athletics and if they feel it is not fair or they are being exploited then don't play sports. I have three children at KU currently and they will all graduate with at least five figure debt which none of these college athletes will. Having said all of this, I have no problem with CA new law and if the NCAA adopted it I don't believe western civilization will come to and end, this stuff has been going on under the table forever.

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The good, the bad and the ugly of KU basketball's 2019-20 schedule

No mention of not having all the games televised, 10 games including several conference games being relegated to a streaming service, this is by far the ugly of the schedule. I don’t understand how this as not received more attention, blue blood program in a power five conference no longer having all their games televised, does Kentucky, Duke or North Carolina have any of their games dropped to the ‘net? Only the Big 12 would agree to this, unreal.

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NCAA set to send notice of major recruiting violations to schools; official confirms NCAA can't get controversial Townsend wiretap

There's no question we are one of the two "high profile" schools, the other being either Louisville or Arizona, my guess is Louisville. The NCAA also said it was about eligibilty issues which we have had plenty of over the years and Louisville, though Arizona is being looked at for the Ayton recruitment I don't think there was any eligilbity concerns which i never understood why. Anyway I see us vacating victories that Silvio played in, losing a scholarship or two and that is about it, if NCAA really wants to look like they mean business I can see Self or Townsend being suspended for a few games but I find that highly unlikely. No question the college athletics is dirty, this is nothing new and has been going on forever, no one is "squeaky clean" however KU seems to be more willing to jump in the gutter than maybe some other schools. Now fire away at me

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Big 12, ESPN announce new deal making select KU games only available online

This contract seems worse for ku, not only taking a pay cut but removing games from tv and only allowing streaming for KS and western Mo fans, these games as well as the other sports have been broadcast on ESPN+ already and ESPN3 before that. I don’t understand why KU wound agree to this, looks like WVU is also taking a cut.

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Latest NBA rumor regarding KU coach Bill Self involves the Chicago Bulls; Believe it at your own risk

No way I see Self leaving KU for the Bulls, now the Spurs on the other I can see. At the beginning of the current season Pop said he wasn’t sure if he was going to coach after this season, if he does indeed retire I can definitely see Self taking that job.

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New Adidas lawsuit emerges as KU reviews its options with apparel company; civil suit alleges KU coaches knew of payments

I can think of 191 million reasons to sign with Adidas, if we are going to limit ourselves to shoe apparel companies without any dirt then our next contract will have to be with Sketchers

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LSU announces settlement with former football coach Les Miles

Or USC, Colorado, Ohio St....or KU!

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Matt Tait: Kansas dabbling with stronger crop of coaching candidates this time around

I don't see it being Miles, if he was going to be the hire why the delay in announcing
it? I sure hope it isn't Fisch from the Rams, if he is indeed the hire then it's just the same ole same ole with KU football, might as well have stayed with Beaty in that case and Zenger too.

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KU's athletic director wants to build up football program, 'dig out of hole,' before tackling stadium

Interesting comments from a Rutgers reporter regarding KU stadium and attendance

e. Good seats available. Bad seats, too. Really, just about any seat in David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium was available. Rutgers might have attendance problems, but at least the Scarlet Knights will never have a crowd that wouldn't even fill its basketball arena.
f. This is a cool, old-school-style stadium, though. Rutgers won't make a return trip here any time soon, but fans who did make the trip could add another traditional Midwestern venue on their list. And there were a good number of Rutgers fans in the stadium.

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KU's athletic director wants to build up football program, 'dig out of hole,' before tackling stadium

We spent well over $2 million/year on the previous two football coaches prior to Beaty which was sending the message KU will spend a lot of money on bad football coaches.

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