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Hudy hoorah: Kansas strength coach, visiting Wounded Warrior ‘clicked’

Pride. What an appropriate name. I'm proud of you, Sgt. Pride, the Wounded Warriors, Coach Hudy, my Jayhawks, and all those serving in the Armed Forces.

I also recommend that everyone consider contributing to the Wounded Warriors at Another contribution to be considered is the USO, at

Thanks to all who are and have served our country.

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KU wins NCAA women's track title

"We're Kansas" 'Nuff said.

Congratulations, Ladies! You have made the Jayhawk Nation proud!

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Mr. Big Shot: Naadir Tharpe’s field goal puts KU on top

Boone Pickens just got razzed on CNBC's Squawk Box about the game. He was not happy.


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Kansas guard Naadir Tharpe gets a hug from head coach Bill Self after sinking a floater to give the

Boone Pickens just got razzed on CNBC's Squawk Box about the game. He was not happy.


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KU track’s Sydney Conley has famous friends, bloodline

Outstanding article! I hope to see more profiles of our "non-revenue" sports' athletes.

Ms. Conley- great comments. Thanks for making the decision to become a Jayhawk. Best wishes.

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KU’s Caroline Jarmoc on All-America team

Congratulations! Outstanding job. Best wishes for the future. Your dedication will serve you well.

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Post-concussion concerns, symptoms lead to Peters' leave from KU

People who have never had a concussion should not be suggesting ulterior motives in this or any other case. A concussion, or in Zach's experience, a series of concussions, can leave a person permanently impaired.

Google stories about the current condition of Jim McMahon, now just 53 years old, and what his "significant other" has to do to take care of him every day.

Been there, done that, and in my case have about five days of my life that I cannot remember, all due to being undercut in a pickup game years after my playing days were done.

I am frankly ashamed that someone would stoop to throw mud at this young man and HCBS.

Best wishes, Zach. You will always be a Jayhawk.

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Looking at the Bill Self contract extension

Give it up already RS One Note.

I still challenge you, CHALLENGE YOU IF YOU WANT TO SHOUT ABOUT IT, to get a tape of the 2009 KSU game, the fourth game of the seven game losing streak. Look at the body language of the Jayhawk bench the entire second half. With KU down one score, at a time when the team should have been fired up, the looked like they had been thoroughly whipped. Mangino did something to them at halftime that made them want to be anywhere but on that field. HE HAD TO GO.

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Déjà ewww! KU falls apart in 4th (again)

I was proud to attend the Orange Bowl, BUT something happened during the 7 game losing streak. I challenge you, CHALLENGE YOU, to get a film of the KSU game, I believe the second game of that streak, and look at the body language of our bench in the second half. With the Jayhawks down one score it was obvious that the players wanted to be somewhere else- at a time when they should be fired up. Something happened in the locker room at half time. I told my wife during that half that Mangino had done something to alienate the team. He needed to go.

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Jayhawk great Glenn Cunningham to be enshrined

Congratulations, Mr. Cunningham. RIP. If you don't know the history of his life, please look it up. The childhood injury he suffered, severe burns to his legs, should have kept him in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Instead he became one of the greatest runners of all time, and a credit to the Jayhawk nation. It was an honor for me to have met him.

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