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Opinion: Jayhawks set at QB for future

Free Telly now!! We have 8 games left this season and there is no reason to keep the dual threat off the field. We need all the help we can get on offense. Whether it's 5 plays a game or he wins the full time job. Give the kid a chance now...

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Ex-KU coach Mark Mangino building happy, healthy life at alma mater

In Mark Mangino's final season at KU, a team with very high expectations started 5-0 and lost 7 consecutive games to finish the season. The Magino Era was known for one magical season in which we didn't play OU or Texas and the rest of the conference was down. Lets not forget that the AD who everyone is blaming for the firing, is the only reason we were awarded the Orange Bowl invite. No football program should celebrate these numbers over an 8 year period....

Winning record vs. only one conference school- (Iowa State)
23-41 conference record
10-28 road record

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What caught my eye at Day 2 of KU football's fall camp

Darrian Miller redshirted last year at Butler County so he's not a option and he will be seeing plenty of time on the field backing up Sims. Tony will be featured in the slot and will be on the field at all times. Cox is the odd man out and is the only option to redshirt. I think Sims yards per game will drop from last year. Miller is just too good and proved that as a true freshman while splitting carries with Sims.

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KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to Oklahoma (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

No, Elijah isn't going to see reduced minutes people. Elijah helped lead this team to the national championship game last year, he's just playing out of position this year. KU has to go small and move Releford to the 4, allowing Tharpe to play the point. Kansas State has been playing small with Southwell at the 4 and he killed us last time at that position.

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Weis, KU face huge mismatch at KSU

Actually, I don't think the recruits are putting much into this game because, KU continues to do a better job of getting recruits from Kansas and the Kansas City area. Actually, KU has consistently had as good or better recruiting classes than Kansas State for several years now. Kansas State continues to be at the bottom of recruiting in the Big 12 year after year, however they are at the top in coaching which is what matters most.

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Allen Fieldhouse to get new HD video board

To answer your question kansasplains1, the hd video screen at Memorial Stadium is 85 feet wide.

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Tony Pierson, Bradley McDougald at top of first rankings

Jordan Tavai should be number 3 on the list. But, to not make the list is a joke. Have you watched the nose tackle play the last several years? Tavai is without a doubt the best nose tackle since James McClinton....

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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

A&M and MU are pleading to only pay half that much which would still be $2.5 million to KU and I don't expect the Big 12 to let them off that easy. KU will be wasting money if they don't get this thing fixed. Letting Gill stick around for another year will just put them further behind. Football is the big money maker in college athletics and everyone including Bill Self knows that. If you think the A.D. is going to just sit back and let Gill play around for another year, then you're crazy. Go back and listen to what comments where made after the Kansas State game. There was no comments about standing behind our football coach and him having the support of the athletic department. The only words were, "we will get this thing fixed" and "we will never make a complete evaluation until the season is over and the body of work is in."

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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

He will be fired after the MU game. When you say there isn't any money to buy him out you have to keep in mind that Texas A&M and Missouri have to pay huge exit fees to leave the Big 12 Conference. As it stands right now, both schools are required to pay over $25 million each. That would mean $50 million divided by 10 schools, which means KU would receive $5 million. There will not be any money coming in unless he is fired.

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