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Monday Rewind - Texas Tech: KU O-Line in need of drastic improvement

Playing "pissed off" does nothing in college. It's about being mentally tough and executing the play.

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Bowen, KU football assistants adjust roles to maximize new defense

This is basically a demotion for campo in everything but title. KU was constantly lined up incorrectly last year. Campo couldn't figure out you can't cover 5 receivers with 4 defensive backs and a linebacker.

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Kansas football commitment Joe Dineen: 'KU was where I belonged'

There have been a lot of Lawrence kids play more than meaningful minutes for KU. As long as he stays healthy, Joe will play a lot. KU got a good one.

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KU women fall at Iowa State, 83-68


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Kansas football coach Charlie Weis deserves a share of the credit for Notre Dame revival under Brian Kelly

Florida's offense is not good. They are winning because of their defense and their ability to create turnovers.

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Monday Rewind: Kansas State

A good qb can make a bad team average. A bad qb can make an average team bad. Unfotunately for us, I think we have a bad qb on a bad team.

And the fake punt and field goals were nice for the special teams, but don't forget the fumbled kick off return, the missed field goals, not being able to kick the ball into the endzone. All things considered, special teams get a D this year.

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NIU coach Dave Doeren: Huskies were more physical team

Doeren comes across like an a$$. We lost that game a heck of a lot more than they won the game.

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