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Former manager of KU athletics ticket office Kassie Liebsch sentenced to 37 months in federal prison

So glad she went down in flames. How are the financial penalties going to put me in the seats I was entitled to but didn't get because of this bunch? As the WEF member and season ticket holder I got screwed. Amazing how much better my opportunities have been as it related to tickets and seat locations since this all blew up. They should consider permanent bonus points for anyone impacted. We were the ones that got the shaft.

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You did stay until end, right?

Stayed until the end just like we did during every game of the Terry Allen era. Needless to say, it was about time we saw a comeback like that!

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Veteran rookies: KU coaches well versed in transition years

"... the three most visible coaches on Kansas University’s football staff have experienced 17 seasons of first-year football during their time in the coaching profession."

If this is such a rock star coaching staff, why so many first-year opportunities? Could it have something to do with past performance?

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Miscommunication: Violation prompted signal change

Frank Seurer is in the Olathe Fire Dept. He fights fires and "things of that nature". "From that standpoint", I don't see relevance to this story. I'm sure he can still fire the ball, "per se", down filed. Hear his son has a canon and can thread the needle from long range ... plays for Olathe South.

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KU’s Gill praises his staff...a lot

Keegan ... you forgot to include "... and things of that nature" in your list.

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft

X came no where close to being a critical component of the team. Clearly an overrated recruit that will not be hard to replace/upgrade. Without significant improvement, he'll have a hard time getting PT in the league. He just wasn't that much of a factor. He was never a go-to guy and my expectations of one-and-done players far exceed what X delivered. He was no Carl, let's put it that way. I'm not disappointed nor am I angry about his potential departure. I just wish he would have delivered more as he certainly came with the hype.

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Memorial Stadium's new video board

Less Advertising Peak?? Don't think so. Just a bigger screen which will allow them to rotate advertisements now throughout the game. No more fixed ads. Don't think for a second they won't fill in a good portion of that space with ads. He is Lew 'every penny' Perkins, afterall.

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Regents vice chair: KU ticket investigation 'goes deeper' than a simple campus matter

I support Lew until he gives me a reason not to. What did he know and when did he know it?? I'll bet he took swift action the minute he learned of it. As a WEF member, it is obvious they are in damage control mode given the email I received earlier today. Now, for all the profit or kickbacks that were made on the inappropriate allocation of tickets to folks other than legitimate guests of the KUAC or WEF members, who should benefit when assets get liquidated (and the IRS takes their share) following the lawsuit that is sure to come? Should it go into the WEF to benefit our students? Anyone know what Rodney drives?

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Regents vice chair: KU ticket investigation 'goes deeper' than a simple campus matter

So, anyone else wondering just how much better their seats would have been had these tickets not been (illegally) 'allocated' to ticket brokers? I'm sure they weren't peddling nose bleeds to them. I'm just curious to know if the seats were allocated to brokers before or after seats were allocated to the KU white hairs. Can you imagine the backlash if one of the white hairs got moved back a row because the row in front was allocated illegally for profit by a bad apple in the KUAC/WEF bunch??

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