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Mykhailiuk unloads for 14 in U-20 tourney

I though the same thing. That's a poor choice for a headline. I would never describe 5-22 shooting as "unloading" on the other team. To me, 5-22 is really struggling from the field. Can you imagine if Svi shot 5-22 in a conference game that we lost? He'd get killed by fans.

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KU men return to TCU mindful of last year's loss

Jack Wilson is clearly a K-State fan trying to get under our skin. It would serve all of us TRUE KU fans well to ignore any future comments he makes.

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Travis Releford stellar on both ends against North Carolina

I can't believe Kevin Young finished 4th in these ratings. I thought it was one of the worst games he played all year long. There were several loose balls and rebounds that he had his hands on but couldn't grab for some reason and his two turnovers at the beginning of the half were probably the two worst passes I've seen all year. No idea what he was thinking on those passes. I'm just glad it didn't cost us the game.

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LeBron James not greatest of all time

This is such a pointless article. LeBron's career is far from over so why are we even talking about where he ranks all time. Let the guy finish his career first and then we can see where he stacks up with the all time greats. He has plenty of time to make his case for being one of the greatest all time.

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KU coach Bill Self (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

This link is not working. It cuts off after about 3 seconds. Anyone else having the same problem?

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