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Darnell reflects on title

Get it big D-Block!!!!

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FINAL: Michigan State uses late comeback to take down KU, 67-62

It doesnt matter we are gunna smash next year without a doubt... good job hawks.. see you next year

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UPDATED: 2008-09 Kansas Men's Basketball: Past, Present and Future

Dang i cant get it to work o well i bet that it is a really good video

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KU remains steady in up-and-down Big 12 Conference

These Jayhawks can most definantly finish at the top of the Big 12 and possibly be close to the top of the nation... I have faith in these Hawks... Mario will make a dunk here in a game or 2 lol.... If oklahoma chokes and we can beat out texas we have no problem grasping another Big 12 Title...Rock Chalk Jayhawk.....This is to the Jayhawk Nation

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Windy City showdown

HAHAHAHA The Kitty Kats arent even going to be a close game this year just like it was last year in Allen Feildhouse........ Sherron will shut Pullen down!!!!1ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!!!

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Aldrich paces Jayhawks against Siena

You watch by the end of this season Tyshawn will be at the top of the list below Collins if he can start hitting some shots, I have faith in him do you?

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Arizona big man transferring to KU

Never mind i read it wrong guys whoops my bad but i agree we will be loaded.... for 200-2010 season

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Arizona big man transferring to KU

He will be able to play after christmas break.... After a few practices at that note

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Arizona big man transferring to KU

Heck Yes we could use a big man down low to help out Aldrich..... This is great news..... I am axious to see how good he is...

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