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My thoughts on Josh Jackson and McKenzie Calvert as aired on "Between the Lines with Kevin Kietzman"

He is Definitely a KSU fan,I mean he is a host of PowerCat? Something or other. And aligning yourself with the Fake Kevin Kietzman" Show on 810 sports radio says it all. He'd be better off on a Real Sports Station like they have better ratings anyway. I'm obviously a KU first and then Big 12 Fan second.

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KU treating final football games as ‘playoffs’

I'm sorry but it is time for Charlie Weiss to go and do something else. Maybe Hardees or McDonalds is hiring or I got it Walmart Greeter. He is past his prime when it comes to adjusting on the fly when it comes to making calls or recruiting QB's and WR's. It seems he can't decide what he wants to run the ball or pass. The offensive Line couldn't block a pack of girl scouts. The Jayhawks lack leadership from the top down. There is no difference between this team under Charlie or the previous coach. The records are almost identical! Oh there is one difference Charlie costs more for the same results. I guess it must be inflation I get it now. This can not continue and we need to reach for the stars and change them. We won a Orange Bowl not to long ago for Gods Sake. Now we can't Win the Toilet Bowl. Hey who is the AD now Al Bowl? Just saying Frustrated KU Fan.

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