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KU shuffles O-line to overhaul toughness, not chemistry

It would help our offense if we'd catch the friggin' ball. That opens up the running game and the playbook. There were 3 first down drops that i counted. Thought the defense played for the most part awesome considering the amount of time they were on the field.

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Self visiting top prep basketball recruits

No Freakin way. Wiggins or anybody else can go play for Fort Hays if it means pulling down Wilt Chamberlain's number, jersey or both. I don't think Jayhawk Nation wants any Prima Donna who makes demands or expects considerations like that.

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Chiefs waive injured Moeaki, KU’s Opurum; McDougald sticks

I completely agree. I'll go farther back and blame Mangino for taking Opurum out and putting Sharp back in after he was injured. Opurum was a beast while Sharp was out. Led to the 7 game slide in my opinion.

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Ravens sign ex-Jayhawk QB Crist

I agree also. Matt Cassell(although not great either) was a backup in college and went on to the pros. Sometimes playing with NFL talent brings out the NFL talent.

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Ravens sign ex-Jayhawk QB Crist

I'm not a big fan either but he did pass for over 4000 yds and 27 TDs last year.

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Gary Woodland makes powerful history at Oak Hill

As a golf fan I personally think the narrow and long fairways have taken some of the intigue away from the tourneys. I have no solid numbers but it seems as if the pros pull out the driver on maybe 3 to 4 holes on the whole course. The British open is the most boring tournament in the world. 3 wood, a couple of irons, 5 wedges, and a putter.

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Juco coach: Darrian Miller versatile

I heard from the second cousin of a friend whose girlfriend said that her ex-boyfriend told her.....We're in trouble this year with Heaps as QB. Bring back Brock!

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Basketball notebook: Top 2014 recruit considers KU

NBA prospects have "cliff notes" now. Just say, "Hate to lose" and you gain $250,000 in signing money and draft status. Gimme a break.

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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money

Take the slime bag agent's license away from him for 3 years and ban him from college athletic situations. These agents know the rules and purposely defy them. Futhermore, aren't parents and families supposed to go thru an educating process regarding ncaa rules and policies? Frickin stay away from agents during college careers!! Makes no sense.

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