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13 things we'll find out about KU football during the 2013 season


We always hear a bunch of great things from you about the team, and I hope that they are mostly accurate. I think it would be hard to get a realistic idea about the quality of the team without some direct comparison. I'm wondering if you've ever considered taking a trip down the road to Manhattan to watch their practices and get a comparative feel about how our Jayhawks stack up against some other top quality Big 12 teams. I know the lost to NDSU, but I still think it would help keep things in perspective.

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Vestal turns up volume on KU football staff

Is it just me or does Vestal look a lot like John Malkovich in that photo?

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Cliff's notes: Charlie Weis press conference: Aug. 13

Do you take issue with Jesse, Matt, Keegan, and Bedore being able to put dinner on the table? Seriously how badly is your day ruined by blindly clicking an answer. It takes less than a second.

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Eyes on the prize: Assistant Jerrance Howard relishes role as recruiter

I agree with you, but I'm glad to have him. I could see a red shirt for him this year and a career that tracks similar to Releford's. Maybe he'll be the glue guy in 2016-17.

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Oft-injured KU RB Bourbon feeling as strong, confident as ever

Your comments are always an extreme disappointment. You must be a miserable person.

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Opinion: Light fuse, get away: Ten KU athletes who will pack wallop

Everyone posting about the surveys needs to come in from the woods take your head out of the sand and realize it's a business. If I have to make two extra clicks to read the great jayhawk content on this site rather than have a pay subscription, I'll click any day. And like others have said you don't have to give your SSN a blood sample or your first born. Just make up some stupid answer, read the article, move on with your life and stop complaining for once. By the way I love KU otherwise known as Kansas University.

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2013 Rock Chalk Roundball Classic

Haha! I feel like I've seen Brady do that baseline line under the basket jump and look for someone to pass it too a 1,000,001 times now.

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

Lead Farmer - I'm sure you are the type of person who avoids taking advantage of tax deductions such as mortgage interest deduction because it is not fair to those who can not afford a home. I'm sure you voluntarily pay additional taxes because you feel it is the right thing to do. Get a grip man.

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Here's what type of player KU is getting in Tarik Black

I agree, but getting the opposing team in foul trouble can be seen as a positive.

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Florida Gulf Coast has become America’s Team

Apparently my sarcasm did not come through clearly. I by no means give him a pass on being lazy with regards to the facts.

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