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FINAL: Late rally comes up short as KU falls to Kentucky, 67-59, in title game

CBS showed key stat. 13 missed layups and/or dunks. Horrible. We blew a big chance. How many times did we have a hand on a rebound just to lose it or have it ripped away. Turnovers as well. So sad. Kentucky brought B + game KU brought C- game and could of won. Proud of them, but blew a chance tonight. We have lost 4 national championship games by a combined 13 points now.

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Report: Hinson in as Southern Illinois coach

Remember when K State was paying their assistant some ridiculous money? Time to do that for Danny Manning. Give him about 800k. Keep him here. I think if he is paid well enough he will stay.

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MU guard adds fuel to rivalry

Not Kentucky or UCLA? Well we aren't Misery either buddy. Thank God for that.

If we want to claim the titles from 1922 and 1923 go ahead? Well first, you had to of been good enough to have those awarded to you to even have a choice to claim them. Even back them Mizery sucked and couldn't win one. BTW North Carolina and other schools that were award National Helms Championships hang their banners as well.

Hey if you want to hang banners for making the tourney and Elite Eight go ahead. That's the best your program has accomplished so go ahead.

That's a catchy chant M I Z...E R Y you have. I've got another for you. S E C.....O N D in the BIG 12. Bye bye.

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Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel could face DWI charge

Link down now. Youtube search MU commercial no substitues. should be able to find it.

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Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel could face DWI charge

I think they removed the video, but at the end Gary Pinkel says something like, "It's your turn to be a tiger. Buckle up, stay sober and arrive alive."

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Missouri to SEC a done deal

My reaction to MU leaving...

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Realignment Today: 6:36 p.m. — KU AD Zenger on MU to SEC becoming official: 'This news doesn't surprise us'

Here is my thoughts on hearing about Misery wanting to leave...and finally doing it..

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KU football coach Turner Gill announces that DE D.J. Marshall has left the team

Here is a good link to use when you want to send a youtube video and have it start a particular timepoint.

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KU running back Dreamius Smith not eligible

A guy on the local radio in KC was talking about this story and said he had a friend who marked all C's on the ACT and got a 13. Pretty sad if you can't get 18 after that many tries.

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Fighting with pride: WBC welterweight champ Victor Ortiz representing Kansas well

Krazy....he used to train at La Colonia Youth Boxing in Oxnard. I think he still trains in Oxnard. However, when he's training for a fight he will probably go to BigBear where Oscar and Mosley train.

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