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Former KU LB Ben Heeney: Beaty thrown into program left in shambles by Weis

Thank you for saying that Ben, I'll bet you know better than anybody. And I agree.


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Jayhawks learning from Pooka Williams' Big 12 debut

Armchair quarterback suggestions for the offense:
- Start Carter Stanley
- Don't put Pooka back on kickoffs, he's going to get hurt.
- Try Pooka in the slot in addition to RB, get him the ball in space, or at least as a decoy to open things up
- Utilize our other RBs more
- Get the ball to a hot route (slant or tight end) just beyond the linebackers if the D is getting too much pressure

It just doesn't seem like we're utilizing the guys we have as best as possible.

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4-star New Orleans QB Lance LeGendre commits to KU football

Don't mind all of the haters out there. Get a commitment from KU's highest rated, high school QB EVER...and they're still unhappy. I don't get it.

Great job coaching staff. Let's leverage this commitment to bring in more studs in Jaycrew19. You have to have talent (and not just in 1 or 2 places) to build a program and that is something we have sorely been lacking. Better performance on the field and in the W column this year and the program is finally headed in the right direction.

Rock Chalk!

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KU recruiting class long on high school blockers

Tom - anything from the 2:45pm press conference where Jalan is announcing?

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KU football adds unanticipated 3-star linebacker on National Signing Day

Rock Chalk! Class is shaping up pretty well, a top 60 class. Was hoping for a Top 50 but that's a top 60 is a pretty big accomplishment with the win/loss record in 2017. We need some studs and I think there are several in this class. A Jalan Robinson signing today would help!

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RB 'Pooka' Williams signs with Kansas football, instead of LSU or Nebraska

Welcome to Jayhawk Nation Pooka! He's gonna kill it in a KU uniform.

Rock Chalk

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Updates: Class of 2018 prospects sign with KU football as early signing period begins

Benton - when do you anticipate announcements from other verbals or other potential commits? Particularly Corione, Devonta and some of the more highly touted recruits...


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How KU's offense moves on from Iowa State dud

Why is Stanley not getting a chance to start?

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Who's No. 3? KU football looking for more productivity at WR

Get Ben Johnson involved! Kills me. They talked about utilizing him more this year and they haven't. We have a big-bodied, mobile, great pass catcher in our TE and he rarely even gets looked at. With how much pressure we get on our QB he should be an automatic hot route.

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