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KU coach Turner Gill opening statement after 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

Before blaming the fans too much, blame the administration at KU for fostering Kansas being a basketball school. Students are REQUIRED to purchase season football tickets in order to buy basketball tickets. This demeans the value of the football experience. For students football has become a necessary itch and is not greatly valued. When those students graduate, they have the lingering memory of that itch and tend to not care about the football experience. Thus they do not support football as they might have had they chosen to buy football tickets as students. After a few decades, they general population is full of ex-students that were forced to pay for football tickets and never learned to care about or value the football experience. If the season sucks so what. At least they. and I, got to practice cheers so the basketball season gets off to a rocking start.

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KU coach Turner Gill opening statement after 43-0 loss to Texas

As proof to how much the team continued to play with heart and show improvement, Gill is proud of the team's ability to double the number of first downs in the second half that were obtained in the first half. (2 vrs 1) Not only that, we had more total yards than Texas had first downs. This was only achieved by a strong 2nd half surge as we were clearly behind this goal at halftime. This is an improvement over previous games in which we clearly fell apart in the 2nd half.

Give the man a raise and extend his contract. This kind of spin does not come cheap.

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Self: Faster isn't better

Yes, 2 first round loses are worse.

Also, when comparing early records, remember, Roy was a 1st time ever head coach and inherited a recruiting mess, probation, and much less talent when coming here than coach Self did. Self, with several years of head coaching experience, inherited top talent. Also, he lost the 1st round games to horribly low seeds.

Basically, Self runs a great defense and has no idea what an efficient offense looks like. Roy's teams always were among the top shooting percentage in the nation, and some years led the nation. Why was that? Simple, he taught the difference between easy and not easy baskets. Open is not the same as easy. Roy focused on getting "good" shots. Being open does not make a shot good. Our current offense basically waits until the defense has enough time to make it much more difficult to get an easy shot. If you look at the latest loss, most of our shots were forced/contrived over/around defenders. Yet, despite our excellent defense, Knight had his team taking shots that were easy to make. Not just open, but easy. It makes a huge difference.

I am waiting for the day coach Self decides it is okay to borrow offensive plans from other coaches that run better offenses then he does. Nobody wins more than Roy (percentage) or Knight (actual wins) so those would not be a bad places to start.

Oh, just for the record, saying we did not press because we did not make any free throws shows a lack of ability to coach in game situations. You alter the game plan to fit the situation. Also, would it really hurt to play the subs once a while if it gives you time to coach the starters as a group?

Enough for now. Having said all this, I have had the pleasure to meet Self and he is pleasant, intelligent, and friendly. I really want him to succeed here. If he wants to have the confidence of fans who recognize that our greatly improved defense is not enough to overcome a poor offensive stratigy, he will have to change our offensive schema.

Good luck guys.

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Final: Kansas falls, 37-31, in double OT

I lived thru Valcente (sp) and Allen coaching guys to not try. It now appears that Mangino has fallen prey to the same folly. If a team at least tries to score with a little bit of time left in a half, it gives them a chance to score. Telling your team to not waste the effort is exactly that, a wasted effort.

We lost to a team tonight that was coached by a man who demonstrated that effort and not quiting could make up for not having any offense at all. Their coach deserves a contract extension. Ours better figure out real fast that we are tired of teams that quit just because the clock is running down. It will not take too many poor coaching efforts like tonight before Kansas fans boo the coaching staff off the field at the end of a half. It has happened before.

If you fail trying, at least you tried. Effort we can support, standing around while the clock dies, well, that simply reduces football to being a place to practice cheering before basketball starts.

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