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Hiawatha football recruit Peyton Newell picks Nebraska

Pick different questions until you get one that you can provide a blatantly bogus response to. Ie, Who is our current president? Ans. Benjamin Franklin. Eventually they will tag you with a cookie and the questions will stop.

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KU football adds offensive lineman for 2013 season

I wonder how long it will take existing advertisers to flee once they figure out fewer people are using ljworld now. The obnoxious google questions make reading an article an arduous task.

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What the James Sims suspension means for KU football

Paragraph 4, since should be sense.

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Amazing '11-12 Jayhawks came far

We do not get the crown if Cal and co. vacate their title. The argument is any team they played should have moved on and we do not know if any of them could have or would have beaten us. Thus the title is left as vacated.

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KU notebook: Bill Self praises predecessor Roy Williams

Kelly, thank you for the link to your article. Most of it I already knew, but it was refreshing to read again. Coach Williams was and remains a class act for Kansas. I am glad Coach Self is giving him his due respects. It also says much about how Coach Self has grown since coming to Kansas. Here's hoping Self has the team fired up enough to make the final 4. This should be a good game for us. I truly believe we are better when we pass down the court rather than slowly walk it down.

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BYU quarterback Jake Heaps to transfer to Kansas

What an interesting world you must live in. Only "true" fans should ever watch a game, whether it be live or on television. No need to accommodate anyone who does not fit your sense of being a "true" fan, including the players. Personally, I find it lazy that people do not know their way around town. We have no real need for road signs either. It is easy enough to use maps and count blocks. I am sure you are never lazy in any form, always looking for the most complicated/difficult way to prove you have the time and dedication to be better than anyone else. Good for you! I would not even dare to ask if you grow all your own food from scratch, heck, everyone knows how lazy it is to do otherwise. I feel sorry for those that have to live with you. Enjoy your private view of the world.

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BYU quarterback Jake Heaps to transfer to Kansas

Thank you for the laugh. Best comment so far.

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BYU quarterback Jake Heaps to transfer to Kansas

Boulder, it is not about being lazy. KU football does not have a large core following. If you want to get the fringe, marginal, or new to the excitement truly involved they need/prefer easy ways to figure out who they like and who just made an awesome play. The same can be said for the games announcers. Also, there seems to be a bit of pride in knowing that your name is there for all to see. Pride does enhance performance.

Would you suggest the BBall team drop the names from their jerseys? They are needed even less as there are far fewer players and you almost never trade out players as possessions change. Why bother with them? Heck, let everybody wear a mask so they all look alike. Seriously, we like names, and I bet the players do as well.

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Basketball recruit Andrew White commits to KU

This is my first time being able to log on to the ljworld site. I last attempted at noon though. Back to the real topic, looks like a solid player. Glad Andrew wanted to join our family and legacy. Rock Chalk!!!!!

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Timing right for Mike Leach

minnhawk84 was referring to when Mason was at MN. His last year there the football team was 10-1.

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