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Kansas basketball rookies getting workout

I think Marcus Morris played the 3.

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Paul Pierce climbs NBA scoring list; Xavier Henry earns minutes; Marcus Morris sets new career-high

Wouldn't exactly say Keef "sprinted" back after the block. Haha

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Do you think KU should continue playing Missouri in basketball after this season?

Why not play MU? If the script was flipped KU would have ran for greener pastures too. So as KU fans we don't want to play MU because we stand on some higher moral compass? C'mon, I like sports and I like watching the team I root for play in intense heated fan frenzied games. You can't fake that stuff and it would take years and years to build up another tradition similar to that of KU v MU. Who cares that they left, I don't. Stop acting like some jilted ex lover that was left at the alter. I say KU plays MU every year, one year in St. Louis & one year in KC, sounds fun to me anyway.

Also, there is very little historical importance behind KU & MU. Neither basketball team was ever involved in fighting in the Civil War. Yes Quantrill came to Lawrence, killed and burned the town down but John Brown was no sweetheart either. I fully understand the platform that JB was on and while I support that I am not sure he was far off from being a terrorist. All I am saying is that the reason fans think this rivalry has so much venom in it is because of the Civil War is a bunch of bologna. We don't like MU because their fans are dumb and MU doesn't like KU because their fans are dumb. That's really about it.

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True or false: Tyshawn Taylor is having the worst turnover season of his career

I agree. It's the same thing when a WR runs the wrong route and the QB put is where he is supposed to be and it winds up in the DEF hands. The INT goes on the QB. There have been a few instances Ty has made a pass to the corner where EJ, Conner or Travis is supposed to be and they're not. Those passes look awful but are not entirely on Ty.

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True or false: Tyshawn Taylor is having the worst turnover season of his career

Jesse, one other stat that would be nice is what is the average turnover rate for starting PG's? If the average of the top 25 PG's is in the 2-3 TO's per game then realistically that means that TT's awful 4 per game is at most 2 off. I'd like to think that with his speed and defense he gives KU those additional 2 possessions. Either way, great stuff.

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Travis Releford wins Big 12 player of the week

I would like to think that Travis EARNED the Big12 POW award and didn't win it. By winning it, it sounds as if he dropped his business card in the fish bowl at lunch. Travis played his a** off the last two games, he didn't win the award...he earned it.

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Jayhawks in the NBA

Only 3 played last night. The rest of them had the night off.

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History repeats itself in KU's loss to Northern Iowa

As far as the draft talk that has been brought up Cole and X need to go. The NBA is far different than college ball. The NBA does not draft the best college basketball player #1 or else we would have seen guys like Juan Dixon, Mateen Cleaves, Khalid El Amin taken higher than they were. They draft based on potential that is why there are so many Sebastian Telfair's or Stromile Swift's that are taken based on athletic size and potential. Staying another year in college would only benefit KU and not Cole or X.

As far as the game goes, all of those numbers are nice and I really enjoyed looking at them but that game comes down to 1 play...If Tyshawn gets to that ball and it never gets to Ali then I think there is a 90% chance KU wins but that is a moot point because he didn't

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Nothing more to see: Documenting a loss

Part of photography is to capture the emotion of the moment and I feel they have done a good job doing so especially in this situation. How these photos could be tasteless is beyond me, they have a job to do regardless of the situation. The loss is awful but should we only get to see photos of the players after all of their high moments and not their lows?

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KU coach Self in no hurry to watch tape of loss

Wildcatone, how desperate are you? You get on a KU chat board to talk about something that is a month old and talk about celebrities that have been to UK games. Since you brought it up it isn't odd to see the likes of Tony Gonzales, George Brett, Ryan Howard, Jared Allen and Scott Van Pelt makes a yearly trip to AFH. Celebrities in the stands means nothing in regards to your program, just enjoy being in the tourney and stop being an idiot.

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