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Azubuike's limited shot attempts against Duke just one sign of an offense out of sync

I am amazed that in four years, Dok very often just positions himself offensively for a dunk move, as he did as a freshman. Still a one-trick pony and everyone knows where the rabbit is.

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Marcus Garrett ready to handle backup point guard role for Kansas

The 2020 point guard candidate is in Lawrence and on scholarship. Dejuan Harris from Columbia, MO. and MOKAN Elite. .Harris just might be the reason Isaac is moving on now. Dejuan was recruited by our coaches as a playmaker first, scorer second. He's currently planned for a redshirt this season, but that could change in an instant if necessary.

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Freshman PG Issac McBride leaves KU basketball

Better this was done sooner than later. Seems like every season a committed recruit or current player opts after experiencing the level of talent they are competing against for playing at KU. Now the coaches can really go all out for the 4 and 5 stars' on the 2020 radar. Looks like the kid from Columbia, MO might not redshirt after all.

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Jayhawks excited to add grad transfer Isaiah Moss' veteran presence to roster

His overall contributions for Iowa last season were far more impressive that our now departed, All-American starter. Moss just needs to repeat those numbers for KU, and he will be a "stand-out". Word says he play good defense as well.

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Former Jayhawk Perry Ellis updates fans on TBT injury through YouTube video

Matt...Now, with Perry facing surgery, rehab and no contract, does Self Made and/or TBT provide insurance to players injured during tournament game/practice activities? It would be a shame if Perry, or any other player for that matter, is solely responsible for the financial costs of an injury.

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Jayhawk Breakdown: NBA scout sizes up Quentin Grimes' pro prospects

Seems to me this scout's conclusion is...its better to look like an NBA player than be an NBA player. And, I wonder if the scout saw all the KU games as we did?

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Jayhawk Breakdown: NBA scout sizes up Dedric Lawson's pro prospects

Matt...seems to me Dedric [1]can work his butt off for this draft, [2] return to KU and work his butt off for next years draft or, [3] play overseas as his career. Regardless of his options, he is not going to become NBA first round athletic, EVER! Did this scout feel he has sufficient game to be productive now, or at some point, as a 10 to 15 minutes per game backup. I hope that's his forte and he'll still become a millionaire.

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Self: No change in Silvio De Sousa's status for Thursday exhibition game vs. Washburn

Isn't the NCAA going to stay silent until the two remaining trials are over? If so, that may be next April. Then maybe coach Self should follow that same concept instead of responding to every inane question about Silvio's status! Yes sir its Billy all over again with the "coach comment de jour". Is the media in North Carolina regularly asking Coach K about Zion's family's alleged money & job requests? Don't tell me that he and those other 5-stars are there for Duke tradition only.

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Rookie point guard Devon Dotson starting ahead of huge shoes he's being asked to fill

There is so much talent this season, I foresee the sure starters being Grimes, Dedrick and Dok. Dotson, Moore, Garrett and [hopefully] De Sousa/KJ[maybe], will mix and match the starting five to be determined during pre-conference games by the various opponents' strengths & weaknesses. I don't expect any of our guys to get tired and overworked this year.

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Confident, more mature K.J. Lawson ready to find role with Kansas basketball through whatever means necessary

Wow, this kid has got his head on straight, and I'm already a fan. This article sounds very much like a Travis Releford scouting report. Remember how transformed he was after his red shirt year. Just cannot wait for season to begin, and for these damn hot days to be only sour memories.

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