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Nick Reid, James McClinton, Charles Gordon deserving of ultimate KU football honor

What about Chip Hilleary? 1992 All Big 8 1st team Qb

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Notebook: Zenger endorses Beaty in rebuilding process; Wise and Armstrong will weigh NFL decisions

Can't wait for next seasons excuses. US Department of Justice should be investigating this. Zenger and Beaty are con-men. A con-man never tells you the truth. Zenger and Beaty tell you that all the right things are being done but "the winning" will take more time. The truth is that if we were doing the right things there would already more than 3 wins to show for it. Good coaches make a difference that you can see early on.
Recent examples :
Scott Frost @ UCF year 1, 2016 6-7 lost in bowl game ; year 2, 2017 12-0 ; UCF was 0-12 in 2015 before Frost
Matt Campbell @ Iowa State year 1, 3-9 ; year 2, 7-5 win over OU and competitive in most games
Jeff Brohm @ Purdue year 1 , 6-6 ; Purdue was 3-9 in 2016

There are fired coaches than can be successful at KU such as Bret Bielema.
My wish list for KU Football:

Craig Bohl North Dakota St., Wyoming
Bret Bielema Wisconsin, Arkansas

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Tom Keegan: Third year not the charm for Kansas football coach David Beaty

1. Yes you can change coaches every three years until you can find one who can make progress after three years.
2. Three years is long enough to draw a conclusion on David improvement in any area is unacceptable.
3. The offense : "Air Raid" promises exciting , high scoring offense. This offense is boring and ineffective. It is effective at Texas Tech and TCU, so it is the coaching and execution that is lacking.
4. Beaty and the 2 prior coaches have been unable to recruit or develop a difference maker at QB. I watch our KU quarterback take sack after sack without being able to escape the pocket; run for a 1st down; or improvise a pass. KU needs a dynamic, competitive leader at Qb ; not a 7 on 7 robot who cannot handle pressure.
5. Good coaches either recruit or put athletes in the positions to run his system or they change the system to match the personnel he can recruit.
6. How about switching to a run oriented offense like Wisconsin, Iowa, or Kansas State that emphasizes toughness and ball possession. Everything in the program should emphasize toughness, ball possession, ball security, and special teams. DO SOMETHING DIFFERNT BEATY!!!
7. David Beaty's 2018 recruiting class will fall apart very quickly as our futility grows.
8. I watched FOX Halftime holding back laughter at what they were watching. Laughter.
9. My eyes don't see a team that is enjoying playing football. I see no enthusiasm. That is because the players are not getting ANY sign that their hard work is paying off.
10. Are they working hard enough? How do other teams execute and compete and we can't. The other teams, coaches, and players have 24 hours in a day, 7 days of the week, and 365 days in a year to prepare and they get more done than we do.
David Beaty needs to go now!! KU needs to hire a consultant to find a coach. Zenger cannot choose the next coach if he is going to remain Athletic Director. My choice would be Bret Bielma who will be available after Arkansas fires him. He would take the team back to basic football and stabilize the program (means beating middle of the road MAC teams).

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Is a new, red, Jayhawk-themed helmet in the works for KU football?

Recruits like winning and going to bowl games more. Concentrate on that. I don't want to hear about uniforms anymore.

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'Alarming' trend: Number of college basketball transfers on the rise

I totally disagree with Bill Self and Tom Izzo. If a player has done the work to graduate and has eligibility remaining he absolutely has earned the right to move on without penalty. Additionally, it is the head coaches job to communicate with each player to develop him and let him know his value and role on the team. Bill Self failed to play Frankamp enough in the 2013-2014 regular season then panicked in the post season when it was lose and go home and was forced to play him (Frankamp). Recruits at the top level do not plan on being in college 4 years, so playing 5-10 minutes per game is not what they are looking for. Calipari knows this....results speak for themselves.

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KU RB signee Traevohn Wrench headed to juco

Absolutely mostly Traevohn's fault but in the end he is still a kid. Everyone else around him are adults who should be guiding and influencing him.

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KU RB signee Traevohn Wrench headed to juco

No doubt this is very disappointing. Everyone dropped the ball from Traevohn, Marvin Diener, Gardner Edgerton HS, and KU. You don't let your prized recruit fail academically. Wrench committed early after his junior season allowing plenty of time to correct any academic short comings. There was absolutely no reason to bring Weis back this year other than $$ money. Not wanting to pay another coach not to coach. Craig Bohl left North Dakota State for Wyoming after 2 National Championships and a win at Kansas State. No excuse for KU Football to be last every year...year after year. Zenger hire Craig Bohl for 2015 and raise some money to renovate Memorial Stadium!! Koch Family Stadium?

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Kansas men's basketball notebook: Lyons to visit KU; Self offers NYC prep

Does anyone know what happened to Nino Jackson, high school PG class of 2012 out of Ardmore, OK who was very interested in Kansas last year this time. Rivals has him as the #7 PG in 2012. He has not commited and does not show any schools interested in him.

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More talk about the ongoing search for KU's next defensive coordinator

How about Raheem Morris as Defensive Coordinator / Head Coach in waiting? He is available. Just fired from Tampa Bay as Head Coach.

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BYU quarterback Jake Heaps to transfer to Kansas

If the Big XII ever lets us know what the schedule is next year.

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