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KU football shuffles offensive line once again

Saw the Frontline piece on football head injuries last night. Not a pretty picture. I don't know what mother would let her son play tackle football after watching this documentary.

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KU football shuffles offensive line once again

Based on their performance thus far 2-10 is within the realm of possiblities but I think this team has another win in them. Not ready to throw in the towel but last week's game was a shipwreck. TCU gave OU all they could handle in Norman.

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Opinion: Jayhawks set at QB for future

Doeren was high on my list as well. I liked the fact that he was from the area and thought that might bode well for the long term. For better or worse we are stuck with Charlie. If we fire another coach no one will be able to get us out of the hole this program is in.

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Memorial Stadium attendance dipping but not as bad as reported last Saturday

Not sure if it's a dying sport but it does have some issues with serious long term implications. I have thought for years that the only thing that could diminish the unparalleled popularity of this sport is its own obsolescence. Players keep getting bigger, faster and stronger and therefore are able to inflict more damage on opposing players which is a recipe for its own demise.

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Breakdown: Crazy? Yes. But KU fake punt 'definitely had a chance' if blocked correctly

Just another example of how poorly prepared this team was when all the players on the field are not on the same page.

Kind of lets Pardula off the hook.

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KU-Oklahoma to kick off at 2:30 p.m., Oct. 19

They'll have plenty of chances. They will likely be the underdog against every team they play.

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Jayhawks lament lack of consistency

I can weather the storm. Problem is I’m not convinced CW is the answer. I was encouraged after last season but this team inspite of having won 2 games seems to have regressed.

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Jayhawks lament lack of consistency

I'll be content if we are competitive. If we can do that week after week this team will find a way to win.

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Jayhawks lament lack of consistency

I would love to have the Ransom Rambler on the sidelines but bringing him in at mid-season. I dunno.

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Jayhawks lament lack of consistency

So who should be the OC?

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