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Perry Ellis studying game of ex-Jayhawk Marcus Morris

Not sure Self will give a 4 the green light to shoot the 3 but we know he will give him the green to shoot the 10-15 footer. If Perry hits that consistently it changes the whole game. Last year teams played off Young and doubled in. Perry can blow by most 4's when they come out to guard and Black can outmuscle most 5's when one on one. That is exciting enough without adding in the very exciting perimeter possibilities (Wiggins/Selden/Frankamp/White/Greene). This year is going to be fun.

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No time to lose: Transfer Tarik Black already working hard

I didn't not want Black here. More of a meh feeling after reading his stats and his supposed issues with Pastner. After reading this article I changed my mind.

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D-Day arrives for prep standout Andrew Wiggins

I have noticed on several occasions that writers for this paper read and respond to comments on a half way regular basis. Would like to offer an idea for an article that would intrigue me (and I am guessing many others). If we do not get Wiggins I would like to hear from him and other big recruits KU did not get how much it weighed on their decision that KU is an Adidas school. If it did weigh on their decision, why? Was it the actual gear/ coolness factor or the fear of being locked out of potential endorsements after school or what?

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Opinion: McLemore case exposes the seedy underworld of college basketball

You are thinking way too conspiracy theory on this one (although in this crazy world can't say it's not possible).

There are two scenarios that played out. Both of which would be Cobb came forward strictly out of revenge.

The USA Today article mentioned that Cobb approached Blackstock to get advice because he wanted to become an agent (most likely first client a certain lotto pick he has coached since 15). Cobb introduced Blackstock to the McLemores. Cobb then warned the McLemore's of Blackstock's growing influence to the point that the McLemores and Cobb had a falling out and no longer speak.

Scenario 1 is Cobb wanted to be Ben's agent and make money off him and Blackstock either went direct or told the McLemores this guy doesn't have a clue how to be an agent let me hook you up with a real agent that is going to help you and not himself. Thus cutting Cobb out of the Money Cow so he turns to USA today to spill his guts (and most likely receive money for the article) to get back at the McLemores.

Scenario 2 Cobb really was attempting to be an agent runner but didn't have the contacts (I.E. he knew no agents that would pay him) so he approached Blackstock (a real agent runner) and told him he would deliver McLemore. Blackstock made the initial SMALL payment of $10,000. Once he got in good graces with the McLemores decided he did not need to pay Cobb the larger payment. Thus cutting Cobb out of the Money Cow so he turns to USA today to spill his guts (and most likely receive money for the article) to get back at the McLemores.

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KU’s Thomas Robinson, UK’s Anthony Davis neck-and-neck

Ok. I didn't see anyone else say anything but really??? Neck and neck??
Robinson leading Davis 141 points to 112
Robinson 34 1st, 19 2nds, 1 3rd
Davis 20 1st, 25 2nds, 2 3rds

I personally believe in east coast bias but where are you from Bedore? Neck and Neck is stretching it a little to create a story don't you think? I can't crystal ball it and say for sure that Robinson will end up winning it but as of this moment with almost double the 1st place votes of his next closest competitor, neck and neck really?

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Miserable ending: MU’s 11-0 end run dooms Jayhawks

Agree guarding threes has been a major weakness. Don't think it was last night. KU guarded very well. MU probably only got 3-4 open looks all night. (made a couple of them). Most of the 3's they made were guarded fairly well. MU was freaking unbelievably hot (couldn't even begin to count the number of banked 3's or " shooters roll" 3's)

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Jeff Withey heeds ‘dunk everything’ advice

I don't know if we are in the minority or not but you are not alone. I love Withey. Not only great blocker and free throw shooter but I can not remember (ever) a 7 footer that ran the court as well as him. He is also a very good passer and he puts some extra hustle in on setting screens. Might not ever lead a single game in scoring but I would take him on my team any day.

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Kansas hoops players clear air

Love the quote as well. Love to hear a player say it. I think a little team spirit would help this particular team immensely

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What's with all the waiting? Trust me, there's no need to worry.

I can see the Jehovahs Witnesses lining up to picket LJW as we speak. Happy Holidays covers everything huh? Lol

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Bill Self: After Davidson, KU is all-business on road

Wow. Gotta love Self. Get the feeling that, good or bad, we are finally going to see what this team is really made of. If there is any bite in this dog I would be very concerned if I were USC.

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