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Jayhawks loaded but pieces still have to 'fit'

Great another game I will not be able to watch this year and I live in the middle of KANSAS. Thanks Time Warner Cable. Thanks a lot!!!

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'Voice of the Jayhawks' Bob Davis to retire following 2015-16 basketball season

One class act!!! Thanks for all the memories and hopefully many more this year!!! Thanks Bob

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

ROCK CHALK!!! Welcome home!!!

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

I have only missed two Late Nights in all the times that they have had it and by far it was the worse one I have been to.I was at the North end by the parking garage and my family and I got in line about 11:30 many hours went by and we were past by many students going to the front of the line. I wasn't able to seen what happened on the East side but about 5:20 I saw what looked like a ton of people rushing to the front of the building which caused many of the people behind us rush to the front instead of staying in line behind the many of us in line for hours. They had no thought of the property that they were running over around the fieldhouse. I am sure the groundskeepers were very happy to see the mess that was left for them this morning after all the work they do to make Allen Fieldhouse what it is. Shame on you!!!!!!! We are Kansas and we should not be like other places that have no respect for property and other people who stood in lines for many many hours. I was very saddened to hear of all the people that had stayed in line as long as we had didn't get in. We had a few seats here and there that had nobody all night and my wife even went down to customer service to tell them that there was room for more people but they said the house was full and were letting no one else in. My boy's for years have gone down by the locker room to meet the players and get autographs so we left the game to get in line and we were about 10 feet from the locker room. The best spot we have had in years. We waited in line for almost a hour which was normal waiting for the players to get ready. Then a police officer ( which I am not sure were he was at all the time we were outside) told everyone that coach said the players had things they needed to get done and they would not be able to sign autographs. What the heck changed for years past. They always have had things to do after with the recruits and that is to go out with the players and sign autographs which the players they have done that for years and years. Just a perfect way to end the night and start our 3 hour trip home. I am very sorry to all the people that were not able to get in. I hope and pray they change things for next year. We are KANSAS fans and someone needs to teach the younger ones how we need to act here. If you cannot handle the pressure on how to stand in line and wait your turn go to Mizzou or K state I am sure they had plenty of room last night for you.

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Greg Gurley takes over as KU men's basketball radio analyst

Sad day in KANSAS basketball radio history and I really enjoyed Chris Piper on the radio.

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

Sad day here we go again.

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KU-Kansas State football game to kick off at 11 a.m.

Amen to that!!!! Watch something else.

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Former KU coach Don Fambrough, 88, passes away

Rock Chalk Coach Fam!!! Rock Chalk Forever!!!!!!

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How often do you purchase KU merchandise?

I have 277 Kansas T-shirts I was hoping for 278 and 279 but it will have to wait till next year. Great year HAWKS!!!!!!

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