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KU bringing beer, wine sales to masses at football games this fall

The only beer they should sell are Lawrence KS beer. Freestate LBC BlackStag Yankeetank and 23rd street and Eudora own wakarusa brewing no Miller lite no nat light no bud. Only the good beer. Maybe sprinkle in boulevard and some of the KC craft beer.

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KU basketball teams to play in Harlem Renaissance-inspired uniforms

and the Globetrotters are in town for 3 games this weekend in KC and Independence too

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KU center Udoka Azubuike's status still in doubt for Saturday vs. Eastern Michigan

just like last year if he is eligible 4-9 min a game to start at then gradually share min with lightfoot and KJ

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Demolition of KU volleyball building expected to begin next week; construction of bigger facility to soon follow

but there will be other reasons why so high as better bathrooms, better concession stands,prolly better other things

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4-star PF Zeke Nnaji picks Arizona over Kansas, four others

KU does need to sign a big man besides Hurt is there another Big man that would pick Kansas? WIth Dok possibly gone as well as Dederic possibly and Souza most likleyis gone that leaves only McCormick and Lightfoot as the big men. I doubt the FBI investigation took part of his thoughts to pick Ariz as the are in same much deep water as KS with all this.

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Report: KU and Les Miles negotiating contract

They would take mens basketball team, volleyball team, Rowing team, and track and field teams in a hearbeat as well as woman's soccer. All of them had very good recent success the past 10 years. baseball and softball teams will prolly be better moving to those confrences don't have to deal with OK and TX schools

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Matt Tait: Beaty staying positive to the bitter end

it retrospect Gill was really not given a chance, he had some good players. I was one of many to get rid of him but maybe he should had got a chance for ayear or two more b/c Weis was hell.

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LSU announces settlement with former football coach Les Miles

Kansas Football always been 2-5 years good football then 4-8 bad football then 2-5 good then 4-8 vicicous cycle

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LSU announces settlement with former football coach Les Miles

Does this indicate he we will be in Lawrence (Or Maryland or Louisville)

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