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Brad Pottorff 12 years, 2 months ago

One thing I don't understand is why are the jayhawk faithful all over Xavier Henry about the way he has handled his decision making process about where he will attend college? Why don't you all understand this is one of the biggest decisions affecting his future? He IS by the way arguably the best player of his class and so what if he prolongs his decision for commitment. He could wait until the May 20th deadline for all that matters and he shouldn't be criticized by jayhawk fans for doing so just because they despirately want him to commit to Bill Self's championship contending squad of 2010. Be patient and appreciate that he is even considering KU at all because quite frankly after reading so many flan bogs on i wouldn't doubt his possible commitment to UK. Heck 90% of those blogs are negative about Xavier Henry and who would want to play for fans that are just simply impatient and arrogant? By the way I happen to live in Louisville, Kentucky and pride myself in being a religous Jawhawk fanatic, and sure I would love to see either Lance Stephenson or Xavier attend KU next fall, both of which are similar caliber athletes to the game. However, do you pessimists really believe that Bill Self is telling Lance, "Please wait until I hear Xavier's decision and IF he chooses Kentucky then I'll go ahead and sign you"? Please, you have got to be kidding me! He might as well tell Lance to sign with St. John's. Bottom line, lay off Xavier Henry and why not actually assume that good 'ol Lance is delaying his decision as well? And perhaps let AP National Coach of the Year Bill Self close on one of these sensational prospects as he has in years past with five star prospects Brandon Rush and Darrell Arthur, who as I recall waited until near the late signing period dead line to commit to KU. Oh yeah, didn't we win a national title with those two players? I rest my case.

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