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Lucas blueprint the perfect plan for Bragg

Even maxwell could add some rim protection along with doka! Billy Preston Is as versatile as they come he will definitely take Braggs minutes next year if Carlton doesn't step up, just because Bragg will be a Jr next year dosnt mean self will automatically give the minutes to the upper classemen, svi is definitely gone after this year so the frontcourt will look like Graham, Newman, Vick/cunliffe, Preston, doka. Off the bench Bragg, maxwell, Colby

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Arizona State transfer Sam Cunliffe officially joins Jayhawks

Sam is the real deal!! He has a documentary on YouTube called "Sam I am" I suggest the die hard ku fans watch it! It really shows his work ethic and his overall game! The kid has absolute bounce!!! He's explosive with a great jumper! He really will be an impact player at kansas, if you listen to the way he talked when he was interviewed during media day at ASU you can really tell that he didn't fit in with the team. It's all about chemistry on and off the court. That's something you can really tell that the Kansas players have it's a family atmosphere here and the players have a Brotherhood I think Sam will fit in nicely here! Rock chalk Jayhawk

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Notebook: Mason had a different look in the second half; Self wins 400th game at KU

Those jerseys KU wore last night were awesome! Hands down my favorite road jerseys by far! Does anybody else miss when KU would wear the red alternative jerseys? Adidas hasn't showcased a red version of those jerseys that KU actually wore since the tyshawn and t-Rob days.

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KU officially announces signing of No. 1-rated Josh Jackson

Derryck Thornton would be a great addition! He was a top 50 recruit out of high-school, plus a year to learn under HCBS and frank mason would be ideal considering that Frank's graduating next season. Personally I would rather turn the offense over to a guy that already has a year in the system under his belt/gaining valuable team chemistry, vs a freshmen. With that being said I'm sure most posters on here would prefer that.
A year under our strength and conditioning program will add muscle and the kid already seems quick enough to get into the paint and create. If he can work on a consistent 3 as well watch out!

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Frank talk: KU’s Mason considered Maryland

I would be shocked if Sean Miller left Arizona for Pitt! Granted I realize he's a Pitt alum, and the ACC is a better basketball conference then the "Conference of Champions" but given that Arizona Is at or near the top of the pac12 every year I don't see him leaving to fight with unc and duke.
As for the Hawks vs Maryland, if we can push the tempo in transition and keep Maryland's bigs off the glass I think we gave a good shot at advancing! RCJH

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Name dropping: Self surprised at teams in South Regional

I think you could be right about Wayne, I forgot about his fam he has to worry about. But if Svi left as well I think that would hurt the Hawks the most considering how svi has consistently taken positive strides.

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Name dropping: Self surprised at teams in South Regional

Also I thought Bragg grew up over the tournament in kc! If he can stay out of foul trouble and grab some rebounds he and svi can be x factors off the bench. It might be just me but every time green is in the game the offense slows down the ball sticks. And he turns the ball over way to much. Blast me for this if you want but I'm starting to think that he hurts ku more then he helps, he can't create his own shot I just don't see why svi isn't the clear cut better choice he brings more to the table.

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Name dropping: Self surprised at teams in South Regional

Self said "we're still relatively young. I don't think they will all be back" can anybody shine some light on what you think self means by this? Because I personally think all the underclassmen will all be back! Who would leave? Not Selden he has been to inconsistent. Bragg and CD have upside but are still to young and "raw" the only person I can see leaving would be green. Maybe I'm over reading those words by self but they did seem interesting.
As far as the south bracket goes. I think we have great match ups, I'm a little worried about the terps!

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Kansas basketball to break out new uniforms for March

i just saw the whole adidas line and your right the Baylor ones are horrible haha im just glad our jerseys dont have the sleeves on them like UCLA, LOUISVILLE and BU, the day Adidas puts sleeves on a KANSAS jersey ill jumo back to the Nike ship

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Kansas basketball to break out new uniforms for March

keep in mind that i am just 21, so therefor i love the way college uniforms look in today's time. Personally i don't mind these at all, there not the best either, but we have seen Adidas put alot worse unis out there for us to wear. For example last years big 12 tourney, or the all blue Adidas jersey the game at WVU last season. I am a big fan of the new grey and cream jerseys the Hawks have been wearing since big 12 play, but overall i dont mind these new jersey changes it could be alot worse

the only thing i ask is we WIN!

oh, and i dont post on here alot im just giving my opinion i know my grammar is not the best so please domt eat me alive for it haha ROCK CHALK

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