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KU seniors Devonte' Graham, Svi Mykhailiuk set to say goodbye together

Personal note. I took my 8 year old grade son to a KU women’s game Devonte’s freshman year and he was there watching it. I saw him siting below us and told my grandson he should go ask to have his picture taken with him and De Vonte graciously accepted. He has been my grandson’s hero every since. Problem is he can’t tell his mother as she is a Mizzou fan.

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FBI probe of college basketball back in the news

Steve sorry to say it but college sports are just mimicing life.

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FBI probe of college basketball back in the news

One persons error, not thje whole FBI. Prodocals were in place, someone didn't follow them.

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FBI probe of college basketball back in the news

Bryce you watch to much F(fake)OX news

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Tom Keegan: KU turning into Juco U in football recruiting

The author of this teport should be fired.

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Coffeyville OL Lewis commits to KU football

In case you guys were not watching, K-State built their program around juco's and in-state walk ons. If anything Beaty may have been too late in using this pattern to built his football team. Once you have any established program you can reduce the jucos.

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Svi's hot hand the product of confidence, Self says

I hope not. Like to have a laugher in there sometime. Hard on us old guys. LOL

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Tom Keegan: Udoka Azubuike's revamped free-throw style yet to be tested

I, also, thought the T was called far too quickly.

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Report: Veteran assistant Bill Miller to join David Beaty's KU football staff

You know you guys could be right about Beaty but lay off Bowen. He has been saddled with extremely young defenders by a coach who is all offense and bad offense has put a tremendous amount of pressure on the defense. Most games the failed offense or special teams have continued to give our apponents extremely good field position and the defense held off pretty good until being on the field for long periods of time or the opponents gaining field position in our territory due to 1. Offensive 3 and outs, 2. Poor punting, 3. Poor tackling by special teams wore them down.

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KU women fall at Oklahoma, 97-64

Obviously you guys don't know what you are talking about. Last years leading scorer, by far, has had to sit out all season with injury and he has a top 5 recruiting class coming in.

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